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Learning curve...

New place new challenges and as team Nikolovski says new opportunities... The past weeks has been used for us to settle in to the new rhythm and routines. Where to go, how to do and exploring the new home ground as much as possible. Prague offers longer days, higher pulse and a lot of happenings. The city has a long history which I at the moment know nothing about... Yes my plan is to learn, but our first visitor is my dad who is arriving on Thursday so I will have to improvise ( read make things up...) on the tour around the city. If we serve him enough good beers before I am sure he will believe anything and any story. Good enough plan that gives me more time to study Prague...

So far super good!!

Team Nikolovski are setteling in fine, so far super good...  Prague is a beautiful city and has also offered us summer weather since we arrived. The appartment is organized and is looking good and feeling like our home. Our balcony size XL is getting prepared for nice dinners & evenings with newly bought garden furnitures and flowers in all colors.. I can tell from all the cursing in many different languages that the process of putting the furniture together is not as great as it will be to finally enjoy sitting in them... When it comes to the language and understanding it is not so easy for me... I feel like a cow just looking at people and smiling and nodding when I feel it could be suitable. Not that cows do that but I felt I needed a connection to my picture.....  Have a good weekend!!

New Adventures and location

 After a long drive, we arrived in Prague our new hometown...  We are unpacking box after box and it feels like it is an never ending job... The appartment feels great..... The weather is nice... So far Prague is treating us very nice... We will make sure we will have a great life adventure!!