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Illustrated market share

I am currently working on my presentation for my project about fleet management & market share. How do I illustrate why market share is a great tool? How do I show that with market share we can see how we are doing today and most important how we can grow and capture more shares of the market?? With a cake !?? The cake is a classic and been used hundreds of times before...  Not only boring but also I am not sure that I have the right clientele (service managers..) that will appreciate a cake metaphor No lets be realistic, lets talk  about cash. Cash talks.. This is my idea and draft about illustrated market share...  

Nothing to wear problem

From one day to another I realized this weekend that I have a huge wardrobe and nothing to wear... Usually to use the word nothing is nothing but a big exaggeration, but this time I would say nothing represent pretty much the reality... Nothing but a few dresses and tunics fits me at the moment. With some creative solutions I can make wear of some more pieces of clothes for a little longer, but it can't be helped I need to do some shopping soon. This would be great if I was one of them who enjoys cloth shopping, but it is not my favorite activity..

Possibilities, promises and poltics

  I got the inspiration to this small and humble comic strip about possibilities, promises and politics from Swedish radio program, P1 Sommar. One of the moderators the new chairman of The Social Democrats made me thinks of education and the value or no value of it. The experience that life gives us is no doubt a super school. But really is that enough when it comes to knowing what is best for the country? My professor in Macroeconomics told me once something very wise, when I thought I understood inflation, monetary policy and Phillips curve  " Still confused, but on a higher level" Also some part of my inspiration which is kind of new to me comes from that I am actually getting more and more interested in politics and the effect of it. I should add that my newfound interest is mainly focus towards Sweden and all the political "sweep under the carpet" games that can be found there.. I would say that I can see things much clearer and afford to be more real

My favorite is back

I love the stories, books and illustrations about Pettson and Findus created by Sven Nordqvist. I am brought up with these characters and the books are just as good today as they were back in the day and also just as good for adults as for children. Pettson is a farmer who lives together with his cat Findus out on the beautiful countryside. They live in a little red farmhouse, with a bunch of hens in the henhouse, ongoing crazy projects in the workshop and a woodshed full of small creatures. Their world is illustrated in a fascinating way, with many details and where small creatures can be found here there and everywhere. Every page is like a piece of art and each time I read the books I find new details or hidden creatures I haven’t noticed before. My favorite books are: The fox hunt and Pancakes for Findus. In total there are 9 books about Pettson and Findus and sold in 6 million copies worldwide in 44 languages. The last book came out 2001: When Findus was little & disappe

Garden dreams

The benefits of having a garden are many and have been proven within different study areas and disciplines. To grow and take active part in the process from seed to plant is well-known to be good for your soul and well-being. During garden work our bodies produce more happy hormones, such as dopamine and serotonin. It also reduces the stress level and makes you experience a great here and now feeling.. The physical work needed in order to control what is growing and where has a great effect on your body as well as your mind. After a long day running a round with a wheelbarrow, a rake, spade and other equipment’s a great satisfying feeling is spreading all around your body and you will fall asleep fast with a smile. Ok note that you might wake up sore here there and everywhere, but that’s the name of the garden game... Other benefits with a garden are of course all the fresh products you can harvest and enjoy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Organic home-grown fruits and vegetables, I

Happiness in a box...

Team Nikolovskis passion and enthusiasm for good food, products and fresh vegetables is a well-known fact. This is also a topic for discussions with people we meet around the world. When you start to discuss good organic products without chemicals and other stupidities, many people agree and/ or have a similar opinion that organic food is the way forward. Not only does naturally grown products taste a lot better it is also better for you and for the environment, but I guess most people know that by now. Having said that even if people agree that organic product are better and that it is disgusting what companies do to products in order to make more money, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they buy and eat organic food. Why? Because it is expensive? Because they are lazy? Because of their lack of knowledge? I have no answer to this question more than I would guess that it is a combination of many things including above mentioned.  (I have many thoughts and theorise in this topic whi

In deep time thoughts

Isn't it amazing how the same amount of days and hours can feel so different? A huge difference and feeling between going slow & taking forever to going fast & not having enough hours. From one week to another you don’t know what the feeling will be like even though what you for sure know is that the time counted in the actual amount of days and hours is exactly the same. At least that is was the clock and the calendar tells me and what I have been told to believe. Sometimes I wonder if it really is correct or we human beings, who think we know everything, has misunderstood the whole thing...But as long as I can’t prove anything different I have to believe it or else I will be classed as a total weirdo... But maybe one sign that there is some truth in my theories is that it took me forever before I learned to read and understand the clock and what time is. I had a red cute arm watch with Mickey Mouse inside and yeah a lot of numbers and arrows. My poor parents t

Here comes a suitcase full...

Husband Nikolovski went on a business trip to Israel a couple of weeks ago. I am not at all impressed that he has to go because of the instability in the region and the threats from different directions. Although I am pretty sure that the area isn’t half as dangerous as I imagine it. My vivid imagination is not always good for me…   I can tell you it was a great relief when he was heading back after a successful trip with happy customer and no crazy world wars starting.. As always he will come home with something nice or special (often a combination of both of course..) from the country or the specific region where he has been. I know I should be used to my husband’s great ideas by now, but I couldn’t help to get a little surprise when he opened the suitcase and pulled out 3, 5 kg of tomatoes.. Nice Ecological tomatoes from a farm outside Tel Aviv, with love carried back to Prague.   Team Nikolovski does consume ALOT of tomatoes and spends a substantial amount of time searching for