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Watercolor fun and simplicity

I got a feeling to just let go of all plans and paint quick in watercolor using only two colors. I was also inspired by making patterns and match many different sketches together. This is the result of my playing. I put them with a washi tejp on the wall in my studio corner just so I could take pictures of them all together but I like them there and I have a hard time to take them down again. I might find some funky frames so I can put them on my wall permanently. 

Red Square

Here is some pictures from last weekend when we headed to Red Square. It was pretty busy as we arrived and the main street was closed of because of national holiday in Russia, Defender of the Fatherland. The holiday celebrates people who are or were serving the Russian armed force but also like a Russian version of Fathers-day. It was a lot of men in uniform waving flags on the streets and people watching them.

Spring in the air in Moscow

Yes today I could feel the spring in the air here in Moscow. I know that this normally happens in February and that you get terribly disappointed when the winter comes back as a boomerang. But hey lets nit be to negative about it and enjoy the spring signs instead. Me and Mila walk to Gorky park where we enjoyed the sun, coffee, danish smörrebröd, play ground and nice big puddle of water.  

New bag created

This weekend I made a new black and white fabric bag which I decorated with my illustrations I have painted on Loren's old T-shirt. I think it is great to recycle materials for my projects as much as I can. And in while dreaming of printing my own fabrics I am for the time being creating fabric illustrations with fabric paint which is also a lot of fun. Mila has already found great use of the bag or actually it is not a bag in her eyes but a swing for her cats.

New funky hats

I got inspired to create some new funky kids hats. Might be because of a little feeling of spring in the air even here in Moscow. And yes ready to change the woolen hats for something new and light asap. I mixed some colorful jersey fabric that I have in my now pretty big fabric collection. The black giraffe is a favorite as well as my turquoise circus fabric designed by great Swedish illustrator Ingela P Arrhenius . Also I am this season into grey tones and found this fabric with farm animals in Prague before we moved and like to mix it with something bright. If you are interested in any of my funky hats on your funky kid just drop me a line. I make three different sizes ( 1 year, 2-4 year & 5-6 year) 

Pattern doodling

Lately I am doing late night doodling while before bedtime. I am inspired by pattern design and the dream of being able to print my own fabrics in the future. I think I will color these but somehow I like them like this little more graphic and rough. 

Some pictures from Team Nikolovski Home

Here is some pictures from our Moscow home. We live on Shabolovka street in a small complex of 4 pretty tall buildings. And everything you need you have in reach within these buildings. Small shop which we use more frequent then we would ever dream off, like an extra fridge. Yoga and kids studio which I am planning to utilize but still haven't. Hairdresser and beauty saloon. Dental cosmetic clinic and ski shop ( I know very random..)  We live in building 2. Our building has 20 floors and amazing view over Moscow center from the top, so I have seen on Instagram, we live pretty close to the ground and have a horrible view over a factory on one side and new very tall fancy colorful building complex on the other side which is still under construction. Our dinner table next to the kitchen. The built in art work window that I hated when we moved in I am slowly starting to not only get use to but actually like I like our kitchen and especially this part with

Happy Monday

Yeah Monday again! Happy Monday! This week in Moscow starts very cold but very sunny.

Moscow in bright February sunlight

And so came the most beautiful February day along, with the strongest and brightest winter sun The feeling of being privileged came over me as I walked along Moscow river Privileged to be able to experience and explore life in a city and country which I never even thought I would even visit. A city and country with a long history which is very unknown to me.  Every place has something to offer I think and to be able to explore what Moscow has to offer good and bad is something I am enjoying more and more as time is passing and I am feeling more comfortable and home here. The sun helps of course! So maybe I will love Moscow by the time the summer comes.  We live close to Gorky Park, Moscow's central park of culture and leisure, only 15 min walk from our apartment. During the winter you can find Russia and Europe's largest ice skating rink here, 59 000 Sq feet. Also great café's and fun pla

February why?

February is such a nothing of a month Still cold, snow, dark & winter Still a lot of cloths to put on Still bare & grey trees A frustration of being close to spring but not close enough I am not complaining just stating facts this Monday evening just before bedtime!

Film tips

We watched a great movie last night " The Best Offer" Big parts of the move has been recorded in Prague and I can highly recommend this movie!

Memory Illustration from week 5

On a snowy day me and Mila went to the Swedish school to go sledging and drink hot chocolate with fellow swedes. Funny how the outdoor plastic cups ( skogsmulle kåsa) still looks the same as when I was a kid. Mila was happy after one time down the hill and told me that I could go by myself next time.... On our Thursday eating dinner out day Mila from out of the blue thanked the waiter in perfect Russian "Spasiba!" and there me and my two year old are on the same level of Russian knowledge... Loren has been practice counting with Mila & on the way home the other day she pulled of her glove very determined (only -5 outside) and counted perfectly her little fingers in English and then Swedish (her granddad who is professor in Mathematics will be pleased with this progress soon ready for algebra..) My baby bump is getting bigger and bigger, week 26 now I think ( with Mila I knew exactly what week and read everything about each weeks development and this time I read

Lost in translation !?

We felt very much like this not that long ago.  Lost Lost in translation Lost in big big Moscow Lost in logistic challenges Missing our routines in Prague  Dreaming about normal "Svensson" life Feeling that after this we will never ever move again But as a friend pointed out, we are never lost lost as long as we have each other And yes we are strong and good together  Maybe even stronger after these rather rough moving period Moscow is becoming home little by little We are finding our routines and people to hang with  Starting to enjoy this big adventure living in this huge city in a country that I never thought I would even visit never mind live in

On the same topic again..

I know I know I have already made an illustration on this great topic, how to get a 2 year old to dress everything that is needed to go outside, not that long ago. Nice with Winter says some. Can't wait for spring says others. I am somewhere in the middle and it changes from day to day and from hate to love for this season (Normally mostly hate but the sun was shining today so my mood is influenced by this phenomena). Obviously winter or the winter clothing gives me great inspirations in my latest illustrations as you can see.. Here i will reveal my special technique how to get Mila to agree to get dressed or at least to compromise with me on something appropriate for the season to dress in. After the standard emotional process of asking, begging, bribing and threatening without any success. I remember about her hand-doll cats that she LOVES. I put my hand in them and make my voice as nice and soft as I can after being pretty upset like 2 seconds ago... And yes whatever the cat