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Waffle day

Last Monday( 25 of March) was the yearly Waffle day in Sweden - not sure if it is an international waffle day, from what I can read has a special waffle day spread to other countries but not necessarily on the same day as in Sweden. In Team Nikolovski household we eat waffles now and then all year around. Sometimes and lately pretty often for breakfast or after kindergarten snack with raspberry jam and whipped cream.  A few years ago when we lived in Prague - I got a question from an international cooking magazine based in Prague,, if I could prepare a Swedish Easter breakfast. Hmmm Swedish Easter breakfast more then just painted eggs and Kalles kaviar and I thought that the traditional Swedish herring and potatoes felt too much for breakfast. After some thinking I came up with waffles with typical Easter topping such as smoked salmon, shrimps, egg, red onions and sour cream. No maybe it is not something every Swede makes for Easter breakfast but i thought it was a gr


Today's German lesson started in our classroom on Berliner Allee where we were writing a short dialoge, practicing housing phrases ( Hier wohne ich) and listening and singing a nice song, Wir sind am Leben ( The life we are living). At 12 we grabbed a quick lunch from one of many bakeries here in Düsseldorf and walked through Hofgarten were we enjoyed the Magnolia trees blossoming. Continued to Kunstpalast where the permanent exhibition is free daytime on Thursdays.  Our teacher Nadia gave us tasks about some of the art works and the artists, which I will go through here, so this post is basically my homework. I will write in German and Swedish as the two languages have more similarities. I am very new to German so analysis and sentences are very simple and probably contain heaps of mistakes but I have decided to just do it.. 1. Lucas Cranach // Das ungleiche Paar 1530  ( Det ojämnlika paret)  Warum ist das Paar ungleich? Was hält der Mann in seiner Hand? Warum  Var

Mornings how you stress me

This is an illustration I made a year ago in Örebro. An illustration in my sketchbook on the theme how mornings with small children can stress the shit out of you. Not always but in periods. This year is different as I am not having to make it to a meeting at 8 o clock. But still stressful to get everyone through the door and so this illustration still very accurate. Last week F after being ill did not want to go to kindergarten at all and did everything not to get ready and get through the door. Nagging, begging, threatening and then begging and threatening some more. And then feeling guilty and double-checking so all is good in kindergarten. I guess all parents can relate - or not- maybe is just me ?! Lets hope this week starting tomorrow will be more easy and forward going.

Rheinland has five seasons

Did you know that here in Rheinland, Germany they have not only four seasons but five seasons Autumn Winter Karneval Spring and Summer Karneval is celebrated annually and people dress up, come together and celebrate. It is very surprisingly how big karneval is here as I thought karneval was big in warm exotic countries not in this northern rational stiffer industrial country. Karneval is big especially in Köln and Düsseldorf. I got asked already in the autumn if I had ever experienced Karneval and when I said no people was telling me all about it with a special fascination in their voice. Karneval goes on for many days or actually the people who are involved in karneval club and are choosen to be prinzpaar they dress up, party and have meetings about karneval from 11.11 when karneval season opens until Rosentag Montag which this year was on 4 of March. But where does karneval comes from? Karneval is dated back to the Middle Ages in Germany but might even go back to the Roman time. Wh