Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Book sale and latest read

End of February in Sweden means book sale. It is a big yearly book sale and all book shops online and real stores reduces a big selection of new and older books in all genres. It is a fun event if you like books and you can do some really good deals. You can also get carried away and do purchases which you will never read but it was a good deal ( not that I have ever done that but you could... I am just saying...)
Because I am not in Sweden I have preordered some books on the sale - not the same feeling but still fun to go through the catalogue. This year I have mainly bought books for kids 6-9 year olds. Mystery stories I can read for Mila but also easy read books so she can read by herself. For Filip a couple of books about police and for me just a couple of pocket books by authors which I like.

And talking about books I here is my latest reads - it has been going slow on the reading lately and for some reason also the books I have picked has been kind of slow apart from Alex Schulman's book which were fantastic. Also I have started with something which I thought I would never do and that is reading more books at the same time and I am not sure how to deal with this concept as it feels like I have hard to pick which one to read and feeling unfair for the one I am not picking, silly issues...
I will switch to Swedish when I write about the books I have read.

Bitterfittan av Maria Sveland hittade jag i bokhyllan på tysk/svenska skolan inne i Düsseldorf. En modernklassiker kan man väl säga och jag har såklart hört talas om den och det går ju inte att inte älska titeln, så jag tänkte den lånar jag med mig och kan läsa på U-bahn. Det tog ett tag att läsa den eftersom till en början var det min extra bok och inte huvudbok. Den började väldigt bra och lovande med humoristiskt inslag men jag tycker att den sen blir ganska tråkig och jag saknade den där wow-känslan. Kände inte heller att den var det minsta provocerande, men det kanske har att göra med att det har gått över 10-år sedan den skrevs. Jag är glad att jag har läst den men kommer inte springa runt och referera eller rekommendera boken.

Den stora utställningen av Marie Hermansson
Jag har älskar Marie Hermansson sedan jag läste Musselstrand. Jag var 16 år och den boken trollband mig som få böcker innan eller efter har gjort. Jag har så tydliga minnen från boken och känslan hur viktig den var för mig och för mitt skrivande i skolan. Jag tror till och med att Marie Hermansson kom till Katrineholms bibliotek och jag var där med min mamma och blev star-struck på riktigt. Efter musselstrand har jag läst det mesta hon har skrivet så somVärddjuret,  Ett oskrivet blad, Hembiträdet, Mannen under trappan och Himmelsdalen. Hennes berättelser har det där extra och ingenting är förutsägbart. Därför hade jag höga förväntning även på denna bok "Den stora utställningen"
Men jag fick kämpa med denna historia, det gick trögt och blev aldrig helt fångad av storyn tyvärr.

Bränn alla mina brev av Alex Schulman
Detta är helt klart den bästa boken jag har läst på länge. Jag har förstått att Alex är en duktig författare men att han var så här bra det kunde jag inte föreställa mig efter hans andra sidor han har visat upp i medie eller iaf vad han är känd för. Att denna historia skulle intressera mig så mycket måste beror på den fantastiska förmågan att berätta en historia. Bra språk och allt flyter så bra genom hela berättelsen. Denna bok rekommenderar jag varmt.

Pojken som slutade gråta av Ninni Schulman
Denna bok av Ninni Schulman är den andra i hennes sk Hagforsserien. Fokus i serien är runt journalisten Magdalena Hansson och samhället i Hagfors där hon bor. Denna bok var inte alls lika spännande som den första jag läste av henne och anledningen till att jag köpt på mig fler ur Hagforsserien. Underhållande men inte lika mycket av en bladvändare som andra deckare jag läst. Jag hoppas att den tredje boken blir bättre igen eftersom jag tror att jag har minst två till från serien.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Pottery painting with kids in Düsseldorf

A couple of weekends ago we decided to take the kids to Eigenlob keramik so they could paint their own pottery. I thought they might think it would be fun but you never know until you've tried. At the pottery place they have a wide assortment of different things to paint from cups and plates to small ornaments. Filip decided that he wanted to paint a two in one tee pot/cup ( not that he drinks tee but he was determined) and Mila wanted to paint a horse. I picked a bigger bowl. Kids did great and really concentrated on what to paint and they spend probably 40 minutes focusing on that. But as my bowl took longer time to paint the kids when the finished they asked if they could pick something more to paint and because I wanted peace and quiet I said yes. And so it ended up being a pretty expensive activity, but hey something we all enjoyed and we will definitely come back and make some more magic. Last picture is how it all ended up after burning and glaced. 

English Theater Düsseldorf "Breadcrumbs"

I got a very nice Christmas present of a friend a theater ticket to an English play here in Düsseldorf. "Breadcrumbs" by Jennifer Haley at the Theatermuseum der Landshauptstadt Düsseldorf. The play is about a writer who gets diagnosed with dementia and must depend on a troubled young caretaker to complete her autobiography. Between the two it is a battle between wills but also trip back in the past to the dark woods. It was a small stage with only a few rows of seats and we were nearly sitting in the play. I thought it would feel too close in case I got sleepy after a couple of glasses of wine or if it would be boring so I would nod off but the play and the performance was so good so it was never an issue. It was the premier show of the play and the performance was great and the story was interesting. I love theater and I will definitely come back to English Theater Düsseldorf.

After the theater we walked down town and had a drink outside - Outside in February!
And then we continued down to Altstadt and it was so much people and also a lot of polices all over the place. We went to the Mexican place had burritos, nachos and a few Mexican cocktails before heading back home.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

My Love for Note pads

One of my New year resolutions for 2020 is to reduce the amount of clothing I buy for me. Not that I have been exaggerating buying cloths but still there is room for reduction, I anyways only buy shirts with stripes or dots on and however much garnments I have in my wardrobe I have nothing to wear anyways. But something I am not ready to stop buying even tough I don't really need more are pens, papers, drawing pads and note pads. For me it is pure happiness finding cute note pads in great quality or new inc pens preferable made in Japan but German is ok also to try out. I carry them home like hunting trophies and line them up on my desk or the kitchen table just so I can watch them and let the whole family also see ( but not to touch)  my great new purchases ( normally they are not quite as impressed as myself..) My favourite art supply store is still in Prague called Zlata Lodart Supplies on Pasáz Platyz from Narodini and I write lists well in advance of what aquarell colors I am running low on. For note pads I have found two favorite stores here in Düsseldorf Mayersche Buchhandlung on Köningsallee they have a big assortment and TK Maxx in Duisburg. The latter one is very unexpected for me I had no idea they sold everything in TK Maxx I thought it was just cloths. I went in just to have a look around last year and found Swedish made photo albums and hand-made Italian note pads and more. What is a bonus is their prices just like their slogo big brands for small prices - It is great. Here is parts of what I came home with last time I went there. I love the big case of Bruynzeel colouring and drawing pens I found and cant wait to try them out or actually I can wait look at them all in right order organized and sharp...