Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Second floor welcome to the family!

And so finally the building project came to an end!
One morning while me and Mila were having breakfast she looked at me and asked "mamma WHERE is the builders?" Yes I have to admit it was kind of nice to have them around making the quietness out here in the forest a little less too quiet. BUT my god it is also very very nice to finally be done!

When I started a couple of months ago with our building project the second floor of the house was a skeleton. A wooden skeleton very drafty and far far away from being called a room. Both short-sides of the facade of the second floor was still to be closed to stop wind, rain and birds from coming in. This is where we started and then continued to divide this humongous second floor with a wall to start to utilize one part as a good beginning. This room nearly 70 square meter got isolated and plaster walls put up and finally the big rounded wooden ceiling created of wood panels that has been laying there for ages. The wooden floor was already there although very dirty and a bit miss-colored from the rain that has come in over the years. The electricity was a mess and a big job of making it secure and safe as well as making the new installation has been done. First I was planning to paint and put up wallpapers by myself, but got help from family to point out that I have my hands full as it is with two kids and to run everything else (also that it will never be as well done as when professionals are doing it) that I don't need the stress of all the paint job.

And so finally came the day when we could move up! It is a great big open space room with big windows letting in great light and I also had great lamps installed in the ceiling to help create an even better light in the whole room. The room will be utilized for bedroom and work-space to start with.  I am still playing with what should be where so this will be contentiously changing to feel in the room and to set it up in the best way. My granddad is helping to make a better railing for the stairs ( I created a if you ask me pretty nice and creative railing but maybe not the safest...) apart from that I consider mission complete and feel very happy with the this transformation.

This is how it looks at the moment..

Bedroom corner, drawers for clothes & my old kids table in the middle ( yes I know I need to repaint it when I have chance) The door leads to the rest of the second floor which is still just a skeleton 

Stripy wallpapers from Borås to make the walls look taller here my beloved armchair and very temporary side table facing the big windows. 

Big work table on one side of the room. Cat Levis has taken a part of the table for his bed I guess he also likes the view

The two big windows creating great light

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Midsummer update & illustration

First of all I do miss my scanner! The illustrations doesn't really come up that well with the camera on the phone and I also don't really have the time at the moment to work on them in the computer. However here is the annual Midsummer illustration. Great memory to capture this very Swedish celebration in an illustration.

As the previous three years Team Nikolovski celebrated at Lugnet, my mother and her husband's very nice summer house by the lake. The traditional herring & snaps lunch was planned to start at two o clock and the we got order to be there well in advanced. To follow this order we decided to get ready and leave the house straight away after breakfast (late breakfast but not that late...) My God it takes time to get a two and a half year old ( refused to change from pj to something more decent), a small baby (little cranky because of some tummy issue specially for this day) and a husband ready to go. To pack for this crew only to stay for a couple of days is a whole operation alone. Finally all set in the car, we didn't get very far before we had to make our first stop because of a upset little boy. All in all I think we stopped 4-5 times for feeding & diaper change, which doesn't normally happen typical it would happen when we had a scheduled celebration to attend. Eventually we got there well after two o'clock though.

Nice to meet the midsummer gang, family from both my mothers side and her husbands side. The youngsters had dropped off from last year I guess hanging with their mum & dad and small kids is not really a teenage dream for midsummer. The lunch was great. The rain was hanging in the air as it should on a traditional Swedish Midsummer. It was pretty cold ( read f**cking freezing..) but a must for Midsummer is to sit outside so everyone was kitted with blankets, woolen shirts & the infrared + the gasol warmer was on full speed. The annual competition kicked off after lunch and a lot of passion was put into talking about who would win this year & detail measuring. Mr Nikolovski was in the end the proud winner this year again!! BBQ dinner and a lot of nice discussions for the rest if the evening and night. I managed to put my team members to sleep and stayed up waaay too late.

Thanks all for great Midsummer again this year!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Midsummer

Happy Midsummer !!
Team Nikolovski has had a great midsummer celebration at Lugnet as previous years
Illustration and details from this years midsummer's celebration is coming shortly, for now enjoy this cake and a little collage of Team Nikolovski.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Building project coming to an end

The building project we decided to start this spring is slowly but surely coming to an end. The second floor on our house has been a project for the future an empty sheet to create a light and spacious area on. I never thought I would mange to get it done by this year but it seems like we can move up in a few weeks. It has as always taken longer then expected but it will be well worth it when I see the result, it will be great. We are super excited and I am spending a lot of time thinking how I best can use the space. It is one big open space room of 70 square meters. We want to have bedroom at the back of the room and sofa & big work space close to the window. Also need to get wardrobes up. I will keep making drawings and plans and when Loren comes this weekend we will start to play with furniture's to see how it will look in real life.  I will keep you posted how it will look. For now here is some pictures of the development. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Illustration Friday - Airborne

This weeks topic on the illustration site "Illustration Friday" is airborne
Here is my contribution
Me and Mila last year when we traveled a lot here and there

Monday, June 8, 2015

The faces of motherhood

To be a mother brings out a wide range of emotions. So much love & proudness in over load. The most fulfilling role you can have.  At the same time it is hard at times. A feeling of not being enough and add a spice of tiredness on top if it at and your mood has been better.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Small feet memories

It is so hard to remember how small babies are. When Filip arrived and I got him in my arms I was chocked just how tiny a newborn really is. And it is even more chocking how fast babies and kids grow and grow up ( a statement which I didn't believe when Mila was just born but proven to be right..) Filip has already grown 3 cm & like 0,5 kg. Like I did with Mila I have now made prints of his small little cute feet. Instead of adding color to the feet I put oil on and then use watercolor over the oily print to make the footprint to show up. Great memory indeed.

Here he is enjoying mormor Mi's view from their summerhouse

Me and Mila also likes to make prints of our hands and fingers. Here is a bunch of cute finger figures in different moods. We make little stories about them as we go along.