Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Prague Zoo crossed of the to-do-list

Not far before Team Nikolovski is moving from Prague. Me and Mila is squeezing the last out of these days with great friends. On our to do list before leaving Prague was of course to visit the zoo. Together with Miki and Lisa we had a great visit this morning. Autumn grey but not so cold day. We managed to time lunch during a shower of rain.  Mila was mostly impressed by a muddy water puddle she found next to the elephants but gorillas was pretty fun also. I was super impressed by pappa gorilla, such a big animal. Also I liked the polar bear who was having a great swimming show for us. Prague zoo is cute, tidy and well organized. I can highly recommend a visit here. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bedtime mood graph with a 22 month

To get little M to sleep has lately been a struggle ( read nightmare) and I am going insane!! I am not proud of my lack of mood control and I know she is not not sleeping by purpose, but MY GOD she drives me crazy. I mean which human being would keep calm during endless bedtime? Or is it just me ?
First tired happy to go to bed then it starts waving arms and legs, need of water (ever 5 minutes) and after a while she says "namnamna" hungry (even though she has already had big porridge and sandwich just before bed) Please let this phase pass asap or else I will go totally insane !!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Feels like coming home!

Good Monday morning!!
I moved my blog to my webpage on wordpress and I have really tried to feel at home there, but I just can't get use to that environment so I am back here at Blogger. I hope my inspiration and more frequent updates will return now when I am back "home". 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Swedes abroad on Sweden

On a Facebook page for Swedes living abroad I found the greatest inspiration to a collection of illustrations about Sweden. 198 comments (gold mine) about how we Swedes living abroad see Sweden and Swedishness. My creative jumped up and did a high five with itself (?!) and out came 6 illustrations about my favorite observations from Sweden that I recognize and that I have been thinking to myself that maybe it is just me.. But obviously it is not just me, sooo many more  also see this weird things even though we love Sweden ( for a week or two)
If you are Swede living in Sweden you can jump down to the last one because you will most probably not agree or understand the other once ( no offense) If you do read them anyways and think to yourself that I am not fair and don't have the right picture, that is ok and also typical Swedish.

Jag fann fantastisk inspiration på Facebook i ett forum för Svenskar bosatta utomlands. En tråd full av observationer ( 198 kommentarer!!!) som vi utlandssvenskar gjort när vi varit hemma i Sverige på semester. Den höga igenkänningsfaktorn fick mig att skratta och min kreativitet att hoppa högt. Det finns fler som ser vad jag har sett tänkte jag medan jag tecknade några ut av mina favorit svenska konstigheter. Är du svensk boende i Sverige känner du förmodligen inte alls igen bilden av Sverige mer än möjligtvis den första och sista bilden. Det är ok att du tycker att jag har helt fel bild, det är helt normal del av din svenskhet..

Jag spar Allsång på Skansen, Systembolaget, ny vecka ny diet & bubbelvatten i miljoner konsgjorda smaker till senare tillfälle. Förhoppningsvis kommer några av illustrationerna att publiceras senare i år i ett samarbete med en svensk/internationell projekt.