Sunday, August 25, 2013

Symbols and self-analyse

I am drawing many different things here and there. I got to think about the symbolic and what it says about who am I. I will guide you through what I have found on the big internet and make a very objective analyze and conclusion.


Reading on a rather spiritual site that the symbolic for butterflies are reincarnation and happiness for the life. 



Cats are tame but at the same time an unpredictable wild animal. Soft, innocent and cuddly but in the next minute upset and hissing. Symbolizes changeable and unpredicted.



A symbol for love and security


Who haven't heard smart as an owl. Symbol for knowledge and wisdom.

What does this make of me?

I am sweet and soft. A little unpredictable. Always right. Self-confident and love life very much. 
Hmm no sign of nice and caring. A little naive and always late, but hey not that far off maybe..

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hot trip to Vienna

Beginning of August heatwave in Europe. It was hot in Prague. Team Nikolovski went to explore Vienna and it was even hotter there. But I mean really hot. Like hard to think and breath hot. Like 39 degrees at seven o clock in the evening hot. I might have mentioned it before, I don't do hot very well.. I become cranky and upset. But I am talking really upset and not very pleasant to be around.
We had plan to explore Vienna for a few days like we did Budapest. We had a nice little list of things to see and things to try. The list is safely saved for next time we decide to go to Vienna. It was simply too warm to do anything much. I read a very good book, Mila fell out of bed and Mr Nikolovski was busy sorting parking out ( see below for more info..) We of course also ate a schnitzel or two..

Mila's ears was squashed in the previous car-seat, so she got a new one for big girls. Happy baby. Got her first balloon also which made her even more happy. The ballooned made me scared especially when she tried her two teeth against it.

Back to Mr Nikolovski's parking issues.
He takes parking very seriously, always. He plans parking well in advance. He read signs always even if he is only out walking and the car is home in the garage. He compare parking prices. He finds all the free parking and he get very upset when he can't find good parking. In Vienna there was some parking drama going on. Hotel parking full. Upset Mr Nikolovski " Now we will NEVER find anywhere to park". Unhelpful hotel staff didn't calm him down. German signs didn't calm him down.

Finally he figured out that we could park on the street for 3 hours at the time. He was running back and forth with new tickets, moving car and being upset. Friday evening came and drama over as it was OK to park all weekend on the street for free.

We will come back to Vienna one day and see everything we didn't see this time

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My first year in Prague

It was in May last year Team Nikolovski packed bits and pieces and moved from Sweden to Prague. New country, new city and a new context. Exciting new adventure awaiting us. I know from previous moves that the beginning can be an emotional roller-coaster ride before getting settled down and feeling home in the new environment. I see it as a few different phases that you need to go through. First everything is exciting new and fun. That phase normally follows by one or two dips where you feel confused and a little lost. Thereafter it gets better again and then the curves flattens out and you start to get the hang of what is up and what is down and how to find your way around and eventually feel like home. How long it takes depends on many different factors and I guess it is very individual. It went pretty fast for us to feel home in Prague. Firstly it helps to be aware that moving is no walk in the park, that you have to be active and also to help and support each other. That was team spirit is all about, isn't it. Also a great benefit is that Mr Nikolovski lived here before and knows his way around and the language. We had a a little dip when we were upset by the none existing customer-service, bad roads, the bureaucracy were we have to fill in a million different papers and documents and frustrated by the crazy Czech drivers. Now a year later we can't think of a better place where we would rather live at the moment. Prague has a magical touch which is pretty addictive. It has a great international network, wide range of activities, family friendly, beautiful and it doesn't hurt you to go out and eat and drink a beer or two whenever you feel like it. I have started to make an illustrations of my thoughts and what I have learned during my first year in Prague.

Det var i maj förra året som Team Nikolovski packade picket och packet och flyttade till Prag. Nya äventyr väntade. Nytt land, ny stad och nytt sammanhang. Jag har flyttat några gånger förut och vet att det kan vara en bergochdalbana av känslor och inte en dans på rosor i alla lägen. Jag ser det som olika faser man ska ta sig igenom innan man känner sig hemmastadd. Först är allt nytt, spännande och på topp. Därefter kommer en eller två små dippar. Sedan kommer man till stadiet där känslokurvan planas ut och man känner sig hemma. Detta tar såklart olika lång tid beroende på många olika trivselfaktorer. Det gick ganska fort att komma till rätta här i Prague. Dels hjälper det att vara medveten om att det går upp och ner och att stötta och hjälpa varandra. Att Mr Nikolovski har bott här tidigare och känner till staden och pratar språker har såklart också varit en stor fördel. Vi hade en liten dipp när vi var arga på dålig service, dåliga vägar, det byråkratiska systemet med hundramiljoner papper som ska fyllas i och det idiotiska trafikbeteendet. Nu ett år senare känner vi att det inte finns något bättre ställe där vi hellre skulle vilja bo just nu. Vitt och brett internationellt nätverk, stort utbud på aktiviteter, barnvänligt, fantatiskt vackert och det gör inte ont i plånboken att gå ut och äta och ta en eller två öl när helst vi vill. Prague har något magiskt över sig och staden får oss att må bra. Jag har börjat skissa ner mina tankar och lärdomar från vårt första år.

Monday, August 19, 2013

In working progress

I have a red frame. An old frame that I bought years ago. The frame was first wooden color and pretty dull looking. Then I painted it beige. And then black. And now it is bright red. Red and very empty. Waiting for the right thing to be put in it as many of my frames do.
One day a few weeks ago I just knew what I want in there. Different simple comic pictures. The idea is in working progress but this is a my start.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Tårtbakning // Busy baking cakes

I am very excited! I have got the opportunity to illustrate an article in a magazine. It will be so much fun to see my illustrations in print living its on life in a magazine in the hands of other people. Very exciting!! The article is about mindfulness and is using cakes and its different layers as a metaphor. Something like "life is like a cake" I would say it is the 2.1 version of Forest Gumps philosophy "life is like a box of chocolate". Anyhow here is my selection of cakes and a couple of them will be used. Did I say that I am excited?!



Rövardotter look, is that cool?

Jag har för mig att det var någon gång i början på året som jag bestämde mig för att jag nog ska spara ut håret lite längre igen. Vet inte exakt hur resonemanget gick uppe i mitt huvud när jag kom framtill att det var en bra idé med långt yvigt hår. Tjocka långa tagel likanande hårstrån i massor. Ett burrigt hårsvall som tar alldeles för lång tid att tvätta och torka. Vill jag verkligen se ut som Ronja Rövadotter? Nej vet du vad, nu är det jag som samlar ihop mig själv och tar mig till frisören snarast.