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18-19/52 Weekly update Düsseldorf Summer weather in May

Düsseldorf has had summer weather with nice warm temperatures  When the weather is better I do have less time to write my weekly blog updates and also less time to work on my creative projects. More time to enjoy outside and our days are getting longer and longer and kids has been staying up way too late the past two weeks. Picknicks with friends outside in a park, going to the stable late and afternoon at the swimming pool in Kaiserswerth tend to always be a longer event then I plan. But hey soon summer-break right so better to get use to staying up late.  One weekend we went to Eindhoven for the day. We like to go to the Netherlands - people are friendly and even if it is only an hour away you can feel it is a different country with an other spirit. A spirit which is more open and more friendly. It is also good to go on a Sunday when most things are closed here in Germany. Here is a few pictures of a graffiti wall right next to PSV Eindhoven football arena. On the other side of the w

17/52 Weekly update New hairbands

Since we got back from Easter Break in Sweden we have got in to everyday and school routines. I have mainly worked on some new ideas for hairbands. I have had a thought about using left over cotton fabric as a braid it in different colors. I want to use as much as I can of the fabric I buy and of course it end up a lot of small pieces when I cut out bags and hats. So far I made two types of braid hairband - thinner ones for kids.  Last week I also found a chunky stretchy fabric yarn that I had to buy and try to knit strips for hairbands. See picture below white, blue, yellow, black