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Weekly update 9/52 Stormy spring weather

Cool date today 22.2.22  If it felt like spring here in Düsseldorf last time I wrote, well certainly it didn't feel like it last week! It has been storming with hurricane winds and hailstorms. All schools in Düsseldorf even closed last Thursday because of the storm. We have of course been out as much as we can during the weekend BUT to be honest the weather has really been shitty so more time spent inside then usually. I have been working on some different creative project - I have mostly been focusing on sewing because I have a new market coming up end of March. I have been making new hairbands, cutting bags and hats (which still needs to be put together)  But also I have become obsessed with knitting. I decided last year that I should give knitting a new chance. My mother and grandmother tried to teach me when I was a child but I never got the hang of it. So last year I bought sticks and yarn and watched Youtube tutorials over and over. I struggled but kept struggling and now I s

Weekly update 8/52 Spring patterns and thoughts of being obedient covid puppets

 Another week has past and here in Düsseldorf the past few days has really felt like spring. Birds are singing like crazy and some spring flowers are blossoming.  I have ordered some new fabrics with very happy and spring influenced prints. All cotton and BIO certified from a German company I found. I am making gift bags which I will be selling on the market here in Düsseldorf which is coming up end of March.  Loren came back from his trip to Sweden and brought back Semla ( special Swedish pastry which we eat in February)  And I keep brightening up life with all the nice an colorful flowers  I have a lot to write about what I think about all this covid vaccin exaggeration and all this current super weird restrictions here in Germany mainly connected to how many times you have been vaccinated. It is all so crazy and idiotic. But we are not suppose to talk about our unhappiness or questions things. Basically we have lost the right to be even just a little source critical. Mass majority

Weekly update 7/52 Summary of January challenges

First day of February and time to make a summary of my January Challenges.  No Alcohol ✅ No sweets or chocolate ✅ I am very proud to report that I managed with both !  For February I have come up with a perfect challenge Champagne ever Tuesday (because February is I think the most boring month of the year and Tuesday the weekday without an identity) so why not bright it up with some bubbles. Staying off sweets will be continued as I have some sort of sugar addict not that I eat heaps but I do feel that the sugar controls me more then I control the sugar.  What else to report from the last week of January... One sunny day (btw I think Düsseldorf only had a couple of sunny days in all of January - it has really been very very grey) me and Loren did our lunch walk and as usual passing through Kalkum Schloß park. Also as usual I took up my phone to try and take a picture of the green parrots. Düsseldorf has a large colony of green parrots ( Rose-ringed-paraketees) hundreds of them and you