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Update is coming soon when I am done with all the boxes !!

Reusing this autumn illustration of me  Team Nikolovski's adventures continuous and it has been a lot going on with moving from Prague to Moscow with a longer then planned stop in Vingåker, Sweden. Updates are coming very soon I promise!! While staying in Sweden a lot of creativity as a result of the limited access to internet but to show it I have to transfer creativity to computer ( not my favorite part of the process). Also I am drowning in boxes to unpack here in Moscow apartment. God damn it I am so super extra bored of unpacking boxes and trying to organize things as I want it. I know it is fun to make it nice and home but first Lundsätter and now here, is there an end to it? And I still can't find my stars and advent lights for this weekend. Moscow has treated us well so far, but we are just getting use to the neighborhood really and UNPACKING BOXES. I will be back soon with more moving details and moving thoughts. Mila and neighbour cat at Lundsätter on of many