Monday, December 9, 2019

Happy advent

I got a new drawing pad from my uncle for my birthday in August with high quality papers and I got inspired to really work with colors in more layers and fill the whole page with details.  Also I came up with an idea to make illustrations based on seasons and traditions. Traditions which we are celebrating for long but also new traditions which we have picked up from our different destinations where we have lived and from here in Germany. 
So far I have made October - Halloween a tradition which is pretty new to us - I remember reading about Halloween with trick or treat as an American tradition in one of my first textbooks in English when I was ten years old. Here in Kaiserswerth, Düsseldorf it is celebrated big time in the international neighborhood and so we have started to dress up and join the fun.
November we are celebrating St Martin here in Germany ( will write a separate post about whom that was, how we celebrate and show the illustration)
December - I have so far made first of advent here below and also St Lucia which I will present later. Why first of advent - well I think it is something special with advent and the excitement that Christmas time is approaching. I love Advent lights and stars in the windows to bright December up a little. Advent kalender in different forms and the advents kalender on Swedish television each morning before school and kindergarten one new episode. And Advent candles to light - here in Germany it is popular with advent wreaths out of spruce twigs with four red or white candles ( I thought it was grave decoration last year when it was our first year here in Germany but already this year I have adjusted and bought one instead of making my Swedish style advent candle)
I will continue my illustrations of traditions and write something about each tradition - hoping I can keep up with it :)