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Weather Focus and False promises

Summer time is the season that we are dreaming on and longing for. This short but sweet period of the year is full of expectations and dreams. People from up north is especially excited and ready for the summer as we have managed to survive the cold and dark period only because we know we are waiting for something good.. I can tell you the dark period is a killer and so when the sun finally comes out we northerners are ready to absorb as much of the light and warmth as possible..   Already in early spring Swedish media is starting to write about what the summer weather will be like. Different science, some more reliable than others, are used to look into the future to see what the summer period has to offer us this year. We read it and we discuss it like nothing before.. By the time when we are in the middle of this attractive season we discuss nothing but the weather and the different forecasts we have read, heard or seen.. To put too much hope on nice summer weather can be ri

The way we do vacation

I have recently read some for me strange and also pretty sad articles about vacation stress.. Headlines such as "Don't let the stress take over your vacation" followed by  a lot of advises and tips what to and not to do to avoid vacation stress. For me this stress is very hard to understand and the more I read the more surprised I get over peoples behaviour and habits. For example according to the articles and columnists from Swedish media that I have read, it seems to be pretty common to share and spend time together at a common owned family summer house. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, children, partners and friends all together at one place. This to me sounds that it could be sweet for a day and a half, if there is space enough for everyone and if you really feel like it.  BUT Space enough doesn't seems to be the case and worst of all they don't even have a proper indoor water closet toilet with flushing function (normal basic to

Vacation 2012 edition

Island of Vis Vis is an island in the Adriatic sea and of all the inhabited Croatian islands this is the farthest one from the coast. Up until 1989 Vis was the navy and military base of the Yugoslavia army and was closed to outsiders. Well preserved nature, beautiful beaches and ecological agricultural, makes Vis an unique island and a great experience. Team Nikolovski experience As we reached the little Croatian village Komiza on the island Vis the dark had already fallen. The boiling hot temperature had calmed down and the whole island was quiet and calm. The sound when the waves meet the shore was the only sound to be heard.10 days to enjoy and relax in Komiza, vacation 2012 edition finally here. We fell asleep after a long day in the car tired, warm and very happy. Far too early husband suddenly wakes up from a very loud noise coming from outside.. What is going on and what is this? Big water sprinklers surrounding us at this time in the morning??

Vaccation Time

Summer vacation is finally here.. Team Nikolovski is ready to kick of the shoes and to enjoy and relax.. Forgetting about yellow machines, parts list and the potentials for a couple of weeks.. On Sunday we are heading down towards Croatia and the apartment we have rented on Vis. Vis is an island out of Split which is suppose to be beautiful and quiet, we are excited to check it out as we loved Brac last year.. Beautiful beaches, great weather, farmers market, fish dishes, reading exciting books, draw, discuss all and nothing and just relax is what we are looking forward to... Have a great Summer!