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Winter hits back

The sun was shining on us since we arrived to Sweden. Amazing spring sun after a long winter Spring in the air with shy flowers starting to bloom Yeah finally spring time here to stay And so on Saturday we woke up to this winter wonderland So we headed to aunty Bi and spent the weekend with her in her apartment  trying all her cloths on, relaxing and eating good

Hats in the house

Here are some of my hats I have recently made and a few still looking for a small heads to keep warm and to put some bright colors on. If you are interested in a nice funky hat I can send all over the globe. Här är några av mina nyproducerade mössor perfekt för vårvädret. Jag har några kvar som letar efter nya hem och huvuden att värma och sätta färg på.  1 purple dots/mustard  2-4 year available  1 black giraffe in 1 year old size available  1 Circus hat in 1 year old size available 1 pink star in size 2-4 year size available 1 green star in 2-4 year size available 150 SEK // 15 EUR + freight charge

Vaknat gott ?

We keep saying "Did you sleep well?" // "Sovit gott?" and she keeps asking us " Woke up good?" //  "Vaknat gott?" Yeah the more I think about it she is right why all this focus on the sleeping and not on how we wake up. Amazing the insights a two year old can give. 

Porcelain fun

I got inspired from some fun pictures on Instagram a while ago to draw on porcelain. I headed to my favorite art supply store in Prague ( yes miss it very much..) to purchase porcelain paint and pens. I have also bought and collected some different white porcelain pieces to try on. It is fun but not as easy as I thought as the material is very slippery but I guess I will learn the technique give some time. Here is a few pieces I created. Very hard to take good pictures of them that's why all these fun arrangements. 

Forrest and back to the village

Me and Mila have now reached our country house Lundsätter. Into the wild straight out to the deepest forest here you find us. I am born here and that's why Team Nikolovski decided to make it ours beginning of this year. Nice to have a base where we can come and enjoy and like now spend little longer time. The big house has two apartments one for us and one for my dad. The second floor is our future plan ( hopefully near future)  and I am already dreaming about how I want it and how to keep the great great light up there. It is extremely quiet out here and very dark at night. I hope we will get into our country life although missing our pappa Nikolovski very much. This is pictures I took in the Autumn.

Out of town

Big part of Team Nikolovski will be out of town for sometime now when finally the beautiful spring season is coming to Moscow ( no not bitter that we survived the ugly cold winter season and will miss from what I have heard the best season in Moscow) We have done I don't know how many pro and con lists what to do and came to the decision that we will use our Sweden home as base for sometime while baby number two will be born. Logistic reasons and to have family close when we go from three to four is the main reasons behind. We have during these few months after Christmas managed to get more use to our Moscow life and so it feels a bit strange to leave for a while. But also great to be able to have the best of two very different worlds.  What I have learned from our time in Moscow so far is: - All the Russians I have met is much nicer, helpful and service-minded then my expectations - In the playground all kids are everyone's, babushkas will make sure that the kids are dres

Stockholm sun

Team Nikolovski left Moscow on Friday and headed to Stockholm. Great weekend with strong spring sun. Mila enjoyed fun activities with grandmother, Göran & Sofie while me and Loren enjoyed walking the streets of Stockholm just the two of us. 

Modelling made with love collection

I found my bag with some hats and clothing I have made ( and forgotten about)  I asked Mila if she wanted to try some stuff for me and I can take some photos of my products  She said yes and picked a floral dress made from recycled cotton material and a pair of blue shorts that fitted perfect on top of her tights. Also a couple of different hats.  and she thought it would look great if she could stand in my plastic IKEA box with left-over fabric bits and pieces.  When I asked her if she could try something else for me and gave her some cute options she said NO!!!  Models these days... Although wasn't much better when she started her carrier...

Spring in the air

Here comes a little spring illustration I made a couple of years ago just to hurry things up a little. Here in Moscow you can feel the spring in the air and yes most of the snow has melted but still quit a lot of icy and ugly traces here and there. No sign of spring flowers yet that I have managed to spot anyways but I have limited places to find them at as I am not that close to nature where we live. I will check in Gorky park later this week. Feels good to leave February behind and I am welcoming March with open arms.

Recycling thoughts

We don't have any recycling options here in Moscow. It hurts me. It feels so wrong to just trow everything in one big garbage bag. Especially plastic and all these glass bottles and jars. When we first moved I saved bottles and jars in the kitchen hoping they would start recycle but pretty fast it ended up looking like a recycling station in my kitchen. So instead I have been thinking what I can remake in my creative corner not to let everything go waste.  Here is one of my first experiments with glass milk bottles. Painted and decorated with washi tejp in different colors. Simple but pretty cute result.  And serves pretty well as a vase  Here is also some of my other ongoing recycling projects. Loren's well-used T-shirts transformed into new creations with fabric paint and will be decorating different sewing projects.