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Summary of May with an illustration

If I don't get a chance to draw, paint, sew or illustrate I will become crazy. But I am mean like crazy crazy and not very nice crazy.  So I am happy and the rest of my team probably even more happy that even our newest little member gives me some time ( not a lot but at least a little time here and there)  Here is a memory of May illustration I have made lately The illustration started like this   And with some more color like this.. I will go through the memories 1 ) Mila started sometime ago to ask me like a billion times a day about all sorts of objects " What does this sound like?" Not a problem when she ask about sounds of cat, dog, horse, car etc even though sometimes she doesn't agree of the sound that I make ( she is asking me even though she knows and will correct me like she is checking me on my sound intelligence...) The problem is that she also ask about noises of very quiet objects like a sandwich, a cucumber, a leaf, a tree etc. Somet

Update from the baby bubble

Here is a sign that I am still around even though very much in the baby bubble combined with entertaining a 2,5 year old, a building project and million other things that needs to be done. Busy indeed but not complaining and so far things is really working better then expected. Baby Filip is a sweet baby and as baby number two he has to come along on different activities from day one or at least from day five. Loren has been back in Moscow working but are here this week which is great that we are all together. Today I am home alone with baby Filip who currently is sleeping and when he is not sleeping he is eating and/or farting. Mila & Loren are having a daughter-father date day at IKEA Örebro buying a bed for Mila, a PINK bed she has ordered ( I am keeping fingers crossed that they won't find a pink but a white...)  Mila is sharing my drawing & painting interest and it is amazing to follow her development and techniques. Here is a self-portrait combined wit

New member

Team Nikolovski's forth member is here! We are very happy that little baby Filip join us on 6 May. Proud parents and one very proud big sister.


Last day of April, an old Swedish celebration called Valborgsmässoafton. Witch craft, fire and a lot of drunk people if I would make a very short summary of what this tradition represent. This year it was very windy and pretty cold so we decided to give the big public outdoor fire and fireworks a miss and instead enjoyed a nice warm fire inside at my mothers summerhouse. Loren tried to recovery from a nasty cold with a good book, honey, lemon and paracetamol. I tried to sit and do as little as possible hoping the baby would want to enter the world. And Mila enjoyed hanging out with mormor and Sofie at a horse show. Also we took the opportunity to take our pony Spot for some nice hacks in the forrest. Spot is 35 years young and still full of energy and happy to have a new little rider ( normal ponies are lucky if they make it to 25...) Mila was super excited and managed very well on this crazy old pony and I managed to walk in his power speed to make sure little rider would be safe and