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Stockholm and how to become Swedish

It feels like ages ago last time I went up to Stockholm and so I decided it was time to get out of the forrest and head to the city. I love the energy from city and need a good combination of city and country yes I do think I have written about that before. However as much as I need that combination I also get use to country life and kind of forget I really need the other source of energy. And when I get a dose of city I go "ahhhh yes this is just what I needed" and then I will be extra happy to go home to my garden and continue to sow seeds and plant flowers. I went up with my dad who anyways was going up to work and didn't mind to fill up his car with a cookie monster  ( great with crumbs in the seats...) 3,5 year old who used up all her mammas surf on the phone watching Youtube. A 1 year old who was complaining (read screaming) refused to fall asleep for about 1 hour of the journey which feels like hundred years and I was even considering jumping off anywhere and wa

Science fiction by Mila

I loved to write and illustrate books when I was a child or actually I still love it and dream of making childrens books. Mila has already started to follow my footstep but in a slightly different genre then myself. Mila is more into science-fiction//horror.

Illustration world with inspiration from books

I have started on an illustration some weeks ago. I still have to go over it with second layer of colors to make it more rich and alive. If  I will get around to it. I have got inspiration from different books and characters. I love children books and I read for Mila and Filip every night without a fail. I buy a lots of books both new and second hand. I have been able to read a different story every night until now when Mila only wants to read one particular book "Märtar galloperar". It is about a girl called Märta who is learning how to canter on a pony.... I have now read this book every evening for over 2 weeks.. Sometimes even two times per night. I wonder what will happen if "Märta galloperar" goes missing for a while!? I might try that very soon if I only can remember to make it go missing before I am already trapped in the sweetest way. Laying there in the bed with one kid on each arm and gets this very loved book handed over to me and with a very sweet vo

Filip turning 1 year

Last week was a busy and fun week here at Lundsätter. Loren drove together with 3 friends our car from Moscow to Sweden. Road-trip from Moscow to Riga and from Riga ferry over to Stockholm. They arrived to Lundsätter on Tuesday just in time to enjoy the warm sunny spring weather ( actually more summer temperatures with 23 degrees) Started with taking the gang for nice walk and ride. Mila was thrilled to have not only pappa here but also Adad, Igor & Gazzan to show them how she rides Puzzle. The following day we all went to Örebro for nice lunch and play down town. The nice spring weather was truly amazing and we could enjoy having lunch and dinner outside. Our patio is the best investment ever as it is like an extended living-room where we can hang out on nice days like this. On the Friday we had arrange a BBQ party to celebrate Filip´s first birthday. Friends and family came out and we had a great time although as always when throwing a party not so much time as a host to si

Writers block

I am in a phase where I am not getting around to update my blog. The internet is pretty bad out here in the forest. My computer is still in Moscow and I am borrowing my dads at the moment and we are not getting along that great. I have been busy with garden projects and before that stair project inside and many other things. But maybe the biggest reason is that I have writers block or maybe more asking myself why am I blogging and for whom am I writing. After doing some serious thinking I have come to following conclusion.I am updating and want to keep updating my blog because: I have such a crappy memory and by using my blog as a journal I will capture feelings, events, memories etc which I have noticed is gold worth especially as the kids are growing up so fast. It is away for me to sit down switch my brain on and activate my writing skills and use my English in written form. Maybe even thinking it would be good to also write in Swedish sometimes. I mean other then here I don&#

Garden spring clean

I have been busy with spring cleaning the garden lately. Less time for indoor creativity and more time for pure hard working projects in the garden. And I like it alot especially now when I am starting to see the resluts. I had a target this year to clean up behind the house where my dad has been storing all sorts of good to keep building materials in the nature. Roof tiles, pipes, plate, wood, styrofoam blocks etc etc. Material that has been laying there for 15-20 years and as you can imagine not a pretty sight although everything kept with good intetions that it will come in handy one day. But enough is enough. I wanted to get it done before the grass starts to grow or become too warm so the snakes wakes up. Every spare minute when Filip has had his daily nap or got help from my dad to take him I have been carrying, digging and fixing outside. At fist it did feel like a mission impossible to clear out and organize everything but slowly but surely I am getting there. I am proud of