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Favourite things at 16 month

Status update about our little Mila 16 months and what she likes Favorite activity: Gunga ( swing) and she is saying GUNG countless times from she wakes up until she goes to bed. She knows where the swings are and if I am planning not to go to swing she points in the swings directions and looks at me in a firm way and says GUNG! When she is on the swing she might look as if she would be bored.. But she is NOT bored she is just enjoying and has that very important face on. Most times it is drama to get her off the swings and I am sure she would swing all day long if we let her.  Favourite toy: NALLE ( Teddybear) was Mila´s first word after mamma, titta (look) and tack (thank you). She is using it that frequently that even her small friend which has no other connection with Swedish is also saying nalle as she is carrying a big teddy-bear around. Mila loves her teddy bear, she puts them on her little car, drives them in her small stroller, tries to dress them in dresses, hood

Prague view: Petrin Hill

When my mother was here we decided to explore Petrin Hill here in Prague. I have heard about the blossom cherry trees and also wanted to check out Prague´s "Eiffel tower" a bit closer. To reach Petrin Hill we took the cable car from Ujezd. On the way up we got a great view of the city and it was interesting to get to see the city from a different angle. As we got out of the cable car on the top we followed a small little park and while Mila explored her first puddle we send her grandmother to take pictures of Petřínská rozhledna ( Petrin lookout tour). The tower was built in 1891 for an exhibition and is 60m tall which doesn't sounds that tall but placed on Petrin hill which is 318m high. If you walk 299 steps you reach the top where the view of Prague is even more magnificent. The spring came early to Prague and up on Petrin Hill it is amazing to see all the green nuances. On the walk down we found an amazing Magnolia tree with a bride, groom and photographer in

Swedish Easter

Easter traditions vary quit a bit depending where in the world you come from. Team Nikolovski experienced a very nice Easter brunch at friends yesterday with a great mix of traditions, cultures and nationalities. Great tastes from South Africa, Romania, France, Japan, Czech, Macedonia & Sweden. A wild mix of many different flavors that normally wouldn't be combined and everything tasted divine. Swedish Janssons frestelser without company of sill and eggs but in new exciting company of a spring chicken stew, tuna cakes and sushi mix.  Thanks family Murer for arranging this great great Easter brunch ( your nice brunches by the way should change name as they tend to last way longer then for brunch, more like a lunch, snack and dinner all in one..) lets make it a tradition. I like getting an insight of other traditions and it also gets me to think more about our Swedish traditions and what part I want Mila to inherit. Swedish Easter as Easter in many other countries focus less and

More creative dots

More colorful jersey dots with black and purple background. Yes I have been rather productive lately but I can't resist to try new combinations of all my cool fabrics. Here comes a nice mix of creations.   Mormor ordered a going-out-with-the-dog-hat/gardening hat. Thin nice jersey hat in a baggy model. She picked her own combination of black giraffes and dots. I also made one for Mila so they can be matching.    Below purpule/pink hat was made late night to go with Loren to Turkey as a welcome to the world gift to one of our Turkish colleague´s little girl.   I also made one for Mila and this is how the hat looks on in action. Mila discovering her first puddle.  Funky jersey dress in size 68 as an Easter present to our little friend Jade who turned 5 months the other day.

Red dots in the house

I have bought some great new fabrics from a shop here in Prague and also some nice cool Eco jersey cotton from a German company Lillestoff. It is a lot of red and dots in different sizes in my newest collection. Here comes some pictures of my latest creations. I have made a few thinner spring hats Also a cool combination of red/orange dots and black giraffes. My own design and it turned out to be far too big for Mila this year. Here Mila is posing on the floor in more colorful dots.. Made with Love tunic with cats and black jersey fabric with colorful dots from Jonic and red/orange dots tights all homemade. I made myself a matching hairband also

Happy Easter / Glad Påsk / Veselé Velikonce

Happy Easter / Glad Påsk / Veselé Velikonce ( If you ask me how you pronounce Czech Veselé Velikonce I would tell you "your guess is as good as mine!!") I think that Easter is one of the best holidays for the simple reason that all the decoration is colorful in a nice pastel way. I have decorated the balcony with colorful eggs. In Sweden the tradition is to decorate branches with colorful feathers but I couldn't find it here in Prague and maybe better as who knows where the feathers come from and how much the poor chicken has suffered. So styrofoam eggs in different colors are perfect. I have also painted a whole bunch of ceramic eggs with focus on pastel blue, pastel green, turcois and white. I can't stop buying more and more eggs and love to try different combinations. I Send one tray as Easter present with my mother who was here last week.  In my new favorite shop, a shop full of cheap less necessary things with potential to make it cute with a lot

My waffles in media

    I while back I had a journalist and photographer here from They wanted to make an article about Swedish Easter breakfast. After a lot of thinking I decided to prepare waffles with different Swedish toppings. Salmon, egg, creme fraiche, red unions as nice foodie waffles and cloud-berry jam and whipped cream as nice sweety once. It was a lot of fun. Flour and all sorts of food everywhere as Mila got a little restless and also wanted to help. The article ended up very nice and very well written. The article will be published on in a little while, but it has already been published in a Czech food magazine called Chefparade, see below. Here is some of the pictures taken by: Daniel  Zahradníček      

International Creativity in Prague

A couple of weeks ago I was meeting up with other creative international mothers living here in Prague. Great inspiration and we decided to create a group to meet up and get inspired by even more creativity. International Creativity in Prague is the name and the aim is to make it a great platform to share events, creativity in different shape and form, inspiration and also a topic is posted monthly with a theme which all members freely can interpret in whatever media. We will also arrange meet ups and hopefully a shared exhibitions in the future.

Early Spring

Spring in Prague has come early. In fact we have not really had winter winter more then one week of snow. It has been warm and sunny, like living in California Loren keep saying. Prague is already blooming and has turned light light green. It is amazing how the nature comes to life again after it's winter hibernation. And it is amazing to be able to enjoy this very nice warm weather. Mila has taken her premier trip on the back of mammas mountain-bike, she loved it and we all loved being back on two wheels. It all run so smooth and easy until we turned home and meet the up hill all the way home. We enjoyed a nice walk in a park today with all beautiful blossoming apple-trees. Great that we are back on track after a hell week with nasty nasty stomach flu. I have also been painting and sewing. I have new cute fabrics in eco cotton from Lillestoff. I have updated Milas wardrobe with a practical and funky cat tunic and also a new thinner spring hat. A lot more on going whi