Thursday, July 25, 2013

Budapest and a lot of mammama and babababa

Last week Team Nikolovski decided to make a little road trip to explore Budapest. To be honest i didn't know much more then it is the capital of Hungary, The Danube running through and the home-ground for the Budapest roll and goulash. I got the task to find out more and to make a rough plan for our visit. A task I took very seriously and we were ready to go. 

Förra veckan begav vi oss iväg på en liten road-trip till Budapest. Om jag ska vara ärlig visste jag inte mycket mer om Budapest än att det är huvudstaden av Ungern, att Donau rinner där och att Budapestrullen och goulashen har sin ursprung där. Jag fick uppgiften att ta reda på mer och lägga upp en liten plan för vad vi vill se. Jag gjorde diverse eftersökningar och så var vi redo. 

We left on Thursday morning, hoping that the little CEO would approve of a few hours in the car. We sang her favorite song "Just give me a reason" a couple of times and she was fast asleep.We made a couple of stops for food, coffee and playtime. Everyone in an excellent mood we arrived to Budapest. We had dinner at Robinson, best food I have had in a restaurant in a very long time and I can highly recommend it.

We can also recommend a great cafe where we had our breakfasts ECOcafe, great place with nice bio products.

We spent the following three days exploring Budapest by foot. We walk and walk and walk. It was warm, warm, warm, but it was only me complaining. Mila had the time of her life in her "Mila mobile" like a small house on wheels where she is checking things out. We enjoyed good food, sweet little parks, nice views and a great atmosphere. I am positively surprised of Budapest and there is so much more to see, so we are planning a return trip soon.

We want to check out restaurants at Raday street and surrounding area more. Also the cute park and cafe at Ferenczy Lstvan we have to return to. The big market hall was closed when we got there so next time we will plan to get there in time. Margret Island, thermal spa, sweet shop and Buda side is also on the list.

På torsdagsförmiddagen gav vi oss iväg. Vi hoppades innerligt att vår lilla boss skulle tycka att det var helt ok att spendera några timmar i bilen. Det gjorde hon. Hon somnade gott efter att vi spelat hennes favorit sång ett par gång. Vi stannade för lunch, kaffe och lek ett par gånger. Samma kväll åt vi middag på en resturang som vi verkligen kan rekommendera, Robinson, nära Hjältarnas torg. Vi kan även rekommendera ett mysigt café med fokus på ekologiska produkter ECOcafe, vi åt goda frukostar där varje dag. 

Vi spenderade tre dagar promenerandes runt i Budapest. Vi gick och vi gick och vi gick. Det var varmt varmt varmt. Jag var dock den enda i teamet som klagade på värmen.  Mila njöt till fullo, från hennes rullande palats hade hon koll på allt. Vi hade en super trevlig vistelse med god mat, lek i trevliga parker, vackra vyer och fick en härlig känsla från Budapest gator.
Jag är positivt överraskad och det finns såklart mycket mer att se och uppleva för nästa besök. På listan att se nästa gång står bland annat den stora inomhus marknaden som hade stängt när vi kom fram, Margret ön, spa, café med bakelser och att utforska Buda sidan. 

Our Budapest trip were also very special. Mila turned 7 months. She waved for the first time and starting to make new sounds. Sounds sounding like real words. Mammmamma, papppapa and babbabba, our heart melted even more and we kept looking at her in this weird excited way.

Budapest resan kommer vi att minnas inte minst för att Mila vinkade för första gång. Blev sju månader och började med en hel massa nya ljud. Ljud som låter som riktiga ord. Mammmama, babbaba och papppapa. Vår hjärtan smälter ännu mer och vi är så stolt att vi håller på att trilla av stolen.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Birds in progress

What is it with me and birds?? As much as they scare me I keep drawing them.
 Here is another birdy collection in progress. 


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Warm summer night sketches

I used to do croquis drawing at Örebro University. Croquis is quick sketches of live models. 15 and 30 seconds, 1, 2 and 5 minutes poses. Makes your creative brain work and sharpen up. It feels like you have done 2 hours workout afterwards. Great feeling being tired from drawing. I love it and miss it a lot. I am hoping to find something here in Prague so I can take it up again.

In the meantime I was sitting out on our balcony the other night and did some warm summer night sketches with pencil. 


Tried with charcoal as well but I know I am very rusty in this field..
Mamma Mi bought some cool charcoal pens last time I saw her.. How is it going?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Creative moment @ Book hood

During our stay in Stockholm at Mr Books plaza. I found some of my old canvases ready to be continued or repainted. This is a portrait of family Book/Folkesson/Nikolovski. Me, Mila, Sofie, Levis and Stefan (and some of the 10 litres of strawberries my dad bought in a good deal.)


Pappa Book a good deal hunter

Team Nikolovski spent last week in Stockholm. Mr Nikolovski was working hard while me and Mila was relaxing and hanging out with pappa/morfar Stefan. We had a great time with nice weather and a lot of chilaxing time. Our Fatboy hammock has been frequently used.

 I will now tell you more about Mr pappa/morfar Stefan Book a man full of ideas and plans. He is a very creative man who has done more or less everything you can think of. Traveled the world with crazy inter-rail trips and road-trips as a youngster, seen Australia, Middle east, USA and Asia with friends. He has ran discotheques, record-shops, flower-shops, restaurants and hotel. He has built big nice houses and a whole camping of cabins in Idre, Fjällfotens stugby. He has been a policeman, businessman and now a driving instructor. He has always been looking for good deals. One time I remember that the garage was full of nail-polish, creams and other cosmetic in heaps, apparently a good deal. Another time bought all the paintings from an artist he meet somewhere, a good deal as he might be famous one day ( good job they are nice). An other amazing deal was when he bought 20 something horses in a good deal, heaven for a horse girl like me. Many many more deals some smaller some bigger. 

To go shopping ( any kind of shopping)  with a good deal loving pappa is interesting to say the least. In the supermarket he is on alert and scans all the good deals and sales. Buy three for two is great even if he don't really need one. Lately he has been buying a lot of frozen spinach, the deal is if you buy five bags you get a plate for free. He has managed to get a full set of plates. Do I need to say that the freezer is full of spinach. The good thing is that spinach is healthy last time it was whipped cream and pocket books.

Pappa/morfar Stefan Book is also a collector. Everything from nuts and bolts to all sorts of building machinery and material can be found here there and everywhere. I have been told that all pieces of wood taller then 50 cm is worth keeping. He has a lot of stuff indeed. A part from building related collections he has lately started to collect nice small collectors cars in different shapes and forms, there is cars high and low. Also DVD collections about tigers, dolphins and gardens. Huge art print collections from famous painters and a lot of CD:s with classical music.

Thank you for looking after us this week and see you soon again!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Favorite place

Many new experiences for little Mila on our trip in Sweden. New faces. Friends and family members with and without fur to say hi to. Practicing to master the art of rolling. Thrilled to manage stomach to back. Lawn-mower very interesting, boat-trip pretty scary and her favorite place to swing and chilax in the sitting hammock.

Lugnet time...

During our stay at Lugnet, I lost the track of the time. It started the first day. We arrived at lunchtime. Had lunch, fixed things here and there. Went for a walk. After the walk Baby Nikolovski seemed a pretty tired (read cranky). I checked the clock on the wall in the kitchen. Quarter to five. I thought oh ok she can have a little afternoon nap. She was so happy to get into bed and fell asleep within a few seconds. I felt a little hungry went to the kitchen had a sandwich. Checked the kitchen clock again. Quarter to five... !? Trying to find a clock that actually work was pretty hard but when I finally found one it turned out to be eight o clock, oooppps no wonder she was tired.. The clock in the kitchen has apparently not been working for years and according to mamma Mi it symbolizes that the time doesn't matter at Lugnet ( Lugnet name of the house and also means "calm" in Swedish) Also quarter to five is a great time for food lovers, always time for dinner.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Creative self portrait

Easel, paint tubes, brushes and canvas a summer evening at Lugnet. Me and Sofie got creative and decided to create a self portrait. This is my contribution. I know I know a few kilos off here and there but that is my right as an artist... Sofie when can I see how yours ended up ?!



Midsummer celebration

Mamma Mi & Görre Midsummer hosts at Lugnet, (Sorry for blurry picture)
Team Nikolovski has been to Sweden to celebrate midsummer. All traditions included such as  maypole, flowers, nice weather, midsummer lunch with herring, egg and new potatoes and of course strawberry cake. Pentathlon with fun games, BBQ in the evening and board-games with chips and dip. Great day and many new experiences for our small member.

Team Näsholm/ Embermark, Persons pack alias My cousins Linda & Louise and aunty Birgitta from Idre, Sister/Aunty Sofie and Team Nikolovski.

Only improvements required for next year is to remember to dance around the maypole and hope that the magic mosquito hunting machine are working by then.