Monday, April 18, 2016

Lundsätter development

I am so amazed how far we have come from last year with our Lundsätter house. Second floor on our part, patio, finnished work outside on the fasade etc etc. Now it really is starting to look organized ans great out here. Last week we had builders here to work on some smaller projects with focus on safety. The railings for the stairs has been replaced just in time to be ready before Filip will move around. My granddad started the project and has cut and designed the railing but never had chance to mount it. I have been painting the first layer before putting up. First I was thinking white. But then I thought that is too normal and boring for us so I tried a colour called jazzucci. Interesting colour in some light it looks light grey in other light like pyjamas blue, greenish and turquis, I am very happy with the pick. On the outside they are working to finnish the patio and to secure it with railing and stairs. I also took the opportunity to build a pergola on the pation. It really looks amazing such a great job but also so so useful to have this patio. After these jobs are done we will enjoy the fact that we dont need to rush to do anything major on the house this year apart from painting on the back. 

Approaching one

Not long now before our little baby Filip is turning 1 years old. Where did this year go? Feels like he has always been around but at the same time just arrived. Since he is born he has been our mr Sunshine. Such happy easy going character that we sometimes look at him and wonder where did he come from. It is lovely to see him growing and amazing to get to know this little boy and what he likes and wants. For each day he is learning new things and developing new skills. He is now in this cute phase of pointing at things saying "dääär" ( there in swedish) not only pointing out every lamp in the house but actually poining at what he wants. Why he is still not crawling or not even really trying is probably because he is so good in pointing, charming and has so many assistants helping him to get it. For example granddad Stefan is with us a lot and has many creative ideas to entertain Filip. He has a long rope on not only the walking chair but also on the swingset so my dad can swing Filip pulling the rope and at the same time drinking coffee at the patio. He has a strong will and knows what he likes, but most of the time super happy. He loves water. He loves to play in the water in the bath tube, shower, kitchen zink and in a glass. He can spend hours on the swing set and loves being outside. Duplo is his favourite toys. He doesnt really like to be in the stable only if he can go the sulky holding the reins. He likes cat Levis but doesnt care much for the puppies Bozze and Zita we have in the house.