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Winter feeling

I love winter on a bright cold crispy sunny day with white views. But only for a week or two. After that my love turns into a miserable frozen feeling. The snow makes things pretty but also so hard at the same time. So much cloths that needs to be put on all team members before even thinking to get out. And when everyone finally got cloths on and are out it is too cold to be out more then half an hour. It is one more week left of January and then still 2 months left of winter. I am making plans how to survive Russian winter and how we eventually will defrost. To break it up a little we are planning to go and get warmed up in Dubai end of February.

Happy New Year 2016 & summary of 2015

We ended 2015 in the best way with beautiful snowy winter weather with friends visiting us from Prague. Nice walks, great company and good wines. Me and Mila made our premier cantered on Soda on snowy field this cold sunny day the last day of the year. How I summaries the year of 2015: 2015 was and interesting year and difficult in many ways and also full-filling in other ways. After Russian winter down-town Moscow we came to Sweden in spring to wait for our new team member to arrive. We made Lundsätter the base that we wanted. Building second floor and creating home. Found new friends and enjoying having family around. After cold and hard winter and a pretty over all lost feeling after leaving Prague came Filip our big bright Mr Sunshine. He is born with a smile and it is amazing how we all can learn so much from such small baby. He has a positive approach to everything apart from when he is very tired. His smile is catching and he can even make the grumpiest old

Birthday girl

Our sweet and very intelligent girl Mila turned 3 years old in December. I can't believe how fast she is growing up and what an amazing little person she is growing into. She has been playing birthday for the past half a year so I wanted her day to be as she wanted and expected it to be. I prepared the house ready for her big day with colorful lights, signs and glitter. Fishing from the fishpond that I had created the night before was a success and is a Swedish tradition for birthday parties and was a very important element of her celebration. Unfortunately pappa Loren couldn't be with us but was on the phone from Moscow from early in the morning ready to sing Happy Birthday for our sleeping beauty. I woke up at 6 and made 2-3 attempts to wake her up by singing Happy birthday in different languages and versions and a tray with candles and presents but she was sleeping so sweet that me and Filip had to wait another 2-3 hours before she wanted to open her eyes. We had an awesome

Christmas 2015

Not much activity here at the blog for some time. I have had a break from computer partially by purpose but mainly because my computer broke down big time. I know I can update via other devices but not the same for me typing on the screen. I am emotional connected with my keypad and my computer and I am very grateful that great IT people managed to bring my computer back to life.  So what have Team Nikolovski been up to. Well we left Moscow and headed to Sweden first of Advent. We have had a long great great stay with lots of fun activities and a fun December running up to Christmas. Mila did a premier visit to Stockholm Horse Show as well as learning all about St. Lucia and performing as the cutest Lucia all of December but of course with a peak at 13 of December. We have also enjoy being in the stables and I am so happy to finally be back in the saddle and utilize muscles that has been in hibernation for years. Mila has reunited with her best friend Malou and yes they are still