Wednesday, November 14, 2018

A room with a view

 My creative room is a room with a view..
At the top floor with a big balcony - three floors up is my room. As my dad told Loren it is so many stairs to walk up that the coffee will be cold by the time you get there... Maybe not really but it is good to remember to bring what you need from first floor not having to run up and down. We had a great creative room in Moscow but I think this one is better - and with a great view over a small park.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

From the parenthood djungle

Debatable success rate in parenthood when your 5 year old daughter is asking whether you are bribing or threatening her to do something.....

I am full of plans

I have many different plans all the time what I want to do now and what to do in the future when it comes to carrier and work life. I have the opportunity while we are here in Düsseldorf to go back to my creative projects and work more in both fields of illustrating and sewing. It is no secret that my dream is to create a children's book of my illustrations.  To reach this dream it does take a lot of hard work and dedication. I have to admit it is much easier to be employed and have someone who puts deadline on your work and where you know what to do and that you have to do it.  Being free working for yourself is great but I can also choose to do other things during the day which is not leading me towards my goal. Also the feeling of being needed is easier to reach if you have a job to go to. It is a mind setting if I see what I am working with at home worth something or not and it is defiantly a privilege to be able to try to make my dream come true.  Still my plan stays that when we are back in Sweden I want to go back to being a high school teacher as I think the work with young people and education is the most fulfilling business in the world together with health care.

Back to that I have many plans. At the same time that I am working on my creative projects and book dream here in Düsseldorf I am also sometimes tempted to go back working with sport horses.

When I was younger, the part of my life I call my horsey life,  I was working with professional show jumping horses. Having grown up in a stable with my own horses that I competed every other weekend I did like many other stable girls, decided to go and work in a stable out of Sweden after graduating high school. Through contacts I got job as a groom in one of Europe's most successful and fancy stables, Stal Tops located in Holland 30 min from Eindhoven. It is big difference taking care, riding, organizing and working in a professional stable from the amateur/hobby/pony club stables where I grew up. At Stal Tops I was part of a team of championship and world cup winning horses and riders and that was a complete different ball game. It is a though world where you have to prove yourself as well as cooping with hierarchies, horses of a different explosive calibers and long hours.

I had the chance to go with Sweden's most successful rider Rolf-Göran Bengtsson to the Sunshine-tour in southern Spain to groom and to ride his 6 horses while he was away competing at the World cup in Paris and Vigo with different horses. I had never experienced how wild horses will be after traveling three days on a truck from Holland to Spain nor did I know before how to travel with six horses in a big horse truck and what you need to bring, organize for such a big competition where we stayed six weeks.Me riding and training in the same arena with my childhood riding idols was so unreal that I had to pinch myself, like when I was cantering in the Spanish nature on the horse which later won the grand prix of the hole tour next to legendary French rider Michael Robert and getting a private training session from the biggest master we have in the equestrian world, Nelson Pessoa. Many experiences in my horsey life from competitions from the best and biggest show in Europe both grooming, riding and sitting on the VIP stand. Many stories, amazing stories and memories from a different life.

I don't want to go back to that life for anything, but the area here in Germany where we live is a metropolis for professional stables as it is well located on the European continent and within reach of many good shows. And so I got an idea that maybe I can go back part-time for fun and with my experience to help out in a professional stable again now when I am here where it is possible and before I get too old for that kind of work. A combination between my creative work and work with horses, would be a dream. I have been to see a very nice yard with a German rider who are competing at high international level, lets see if it will lead to some cooperation in the future.