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Nasty nasty cold go away

I feel like I want to scream "NASTY COLD GO AWAY!!" I know I know I am very dramatic over a simple cold.. I know it will go away. I know only a week home with cold is not the end of the world...My rational side knows all this.  But I am going nuts anyways soon!!! Kids has had high fever for a few days and now green snot everywhere. I am also feeling rough. Kids need my full attention which is kind of tricky sometimes how to help two at the same time. The only nice part is that Filip is a little more mamma oriented and want to cuddle in the sofa (until he sees my phone or the remote then he wants them more then me..) And we have all together had a nice middle of the day looong nap a couple of days now. I have been able to sleep a little and read a little and then sleep somemore. So I guess not all bad if I should try to see it with positive eyes and yes I am starting to see the light in the tunnel.. Loren is currently travelling in Ural mountains and we are very much looking

Chasing the spring all the way to Spain

Great feeling complete Team Nikolovski collected and ready for adventures down to Spain and costa del sol to find the missing sun and spring weather. Moscow and Swedish winter has been kind of hard this year ( like every year..) We flew to Malaga and from there rented a car going to my mother & her husband's house in Puerto Banus. First time we saw the house in real life and it was very nice and fancy as expected. Cute neighbourhood on the so called Swedish hill close to the Swedish shop with Swedish TV chanels and even Swedish radio in the car we rented. I can't really get my head around the need but I guess same same but different during my in total around 12 years abroad I had my ways to get what I needed from Sweden also. When I moved the first time 2001 to Holland the internet was not everywhere like today and therefore no SVTplay nor newspapers online or even Facebook. It is even hard to imagine today. My best friend was send me letters and my mum and dad was sending

Back in Sweden and update from Lundsätter

Me and the kids came back to Sweden from Moscow a couple of weeks ago. Mila missed her friend and activities and so did I. Winter is not so easy as it has a lot of limitations a specialy in our neighbourhood in Moscow. A lot of snow fell and even if we have lots of dedicated full time snow cleaners they never managed to get the roads clean so I could walk with the stroller probably and with Filip being so small I need him tucked in the stroller when we are outside in the cold. Also as though you might think Russians are when it comes to cold and kids they are extremly careful and so it is very hard to meet up with other kids in the area as they are being kept warm inside. I will write more about coultral difference also that I have experienced in an other post. So we are here at Lundsätter. Mila got bright and happy coming back and are enjoying seeing friends and family. Here is an update illustration I made last week. - Mila has got a ballerina dress that she wants to wear all th

Colorful and home made

I have been sewing a lot lately. It is my evening and night activity. I have been buying new cool colorful and mainly ecological fabrics here in Sweden. Filip has got a lot of colorful tights as I find clothing for boys in the stores very dull and boring. Why so much dark colors with cars and trains for boys ? My strategy is to buy plain light bodies and matching them with colorful fun pattern tights that I make myself. Only problem he is growing so fast that I have to keep up with my production for him.   Also I was so happy to make it to big sewing fair in Stockholm last week. Nothing really that I havn't seen before but it was a good day out and I did some shopping of funky eco materials. For example the strawberry tights below from JNY I found very nice and cherful and keeps me dreaming of summer.