Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Nasty nasty cold go away

I feel like I want to scream "NASTY COLD GO AWAY!!" I know I know I am very dramatic over a simple cold.. I know it will go away. I know only a week home with cold is not the end of the world...My rational side knows all this.  But I am going nuts anyways soon!!!
Kids has had high fever for a few days and now green snot everywhere. I am also feeling rough. Kids need my full attention which is kind of tricky sometimes how to help two at the same time. The only nice part is that Filip is a little more mamma oriented and want to cuddle in the sofa (until he sees my phone or the remote then he wants them more then me..) And we have all together had a nice middle of the day looong nap a couple of days now. I have been able to sleep a little and read a little and then sleep somemore. So I guess not all bad if I should try to see it with positive eyes and yes I am starting to see the light in the tunnel.. Loren is currently travelling in Ural mountains and we are very much looking forward him coming home on Friday.

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