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Mamma fashion accessories

Since I became mamma I have changed some of my accessories...

Exciting experiences

Sverige besöket bjöd på många intryck och upplevelser. Roligast var Chili (hunden), kramigast var mormor, Moster o mamma sjöng "Just give me a reason" (Pink) högst (varje gång dom ville att jag skulle sova..) och blötast och härligast var den varma poolen. The trip to Sweden offered a lot of exciting experiences. Funniest was Chili the dog, most hugs from grandmother, auntie Sofie and mamma sang "Just give me a reason" (Pink) the loudest (every time they wanted me to sleep..) and the warm pool was wet and extra super duper exciting.

Love in the air

Saturday 25/5 Floda Sweden The sun was shining strong and warm even though it was suppose to rain that day Beautiful dress on a beautiful bride. Way too big suits on the two cute little boys ( bridesmaids but boy version..) Proud and happy groom. He said yes and she said yes. And so they were just married although been together for 13 years. Congratulations Tess and Henrik ! Thank you for having us there on you special day.

Happy baby

Baby Nikolovski's smiles and laughs are to die for During the past two weeks she has offered a lot of million dollar smiles and genuine giggly laughs It makes her mamma goes silly Pappa proud as a rooster  We just simply can't have enough of it

No no no !

Baby Nikolovski is a sweet little character with a mind of her own. I was at first hesitant of giving her a pacifier. Worried that it might be difficult to wean her off it in the future. When we finally tried she totally refused it. We have bought zillion five hundred different types and keep trying to convince her to use them, but no way baldy!  I am actually not sure anymore why I keep forcing them on her. She must think I am a raving lunatic who wants her to suck plastic. I promise I will give up soon, just try this new cool orange one first.. The same big no no goes for eating from a bottle. Stubborn little thing. She can play and drink from the bottle when it has water inside but as soon as it is milk she shows very clearly it is NO to even consider to drink from it. No no no!! Man we have been trying and trying but not a chance/ nema chanca !! Such a small person with such huge will, I wonder where she has got that from...

Spring-time tidy up

  Efter flera månader i långa byxor, luddiga sockar och varma tröjor är det nu dags för att exponera hud i tid och otid. Hud som är är blek och lurvig. Hur kommer det sig egentligen att hårborttagningsprodukter för kvinnor är lika rosa som de är patetiska? Ge oss något rejält för tusan. Efter en lång vinter kan det behövas både gräsklippar och trimmer för att få ordning på torpet. After months and months in long trousers, fluffy socks and woolen sweaters the season to expose bare skin is here again. Out of hibernation comes pale skin with some dark unwelcome hair here and there that needs to be removed, right. Why is it that hair removal products for women are as pink as they are pathetic? Are our hairs suppose to be less, thinner and more gentle? Is the pink suppose to make the hair-removal experience cuter or what is all that about? Give us some real hard-ware equipment. I mean after a long winter both lawnmower and trimmer might be needed to get organized.

More birds and colors on the wall

These gang of owls living in the tree tops Cute and colorful  Framed and put on the wall

Growing and dreaming

Team Nikolovski and especially Mr Nikolovski is dreaming of our own homegrown tomatoes. Project growing tomatoes is on going. Granddad Sven-Hugo has been consulted. Pots, soil and plants has been bought. We spent a couple of evenings last week and planted and arranged our growing corner on the balcony. Mr Nikolovski has taking great pride in watering, talking to the plants and moving them around to get as much sun as possible. To increase our chances for nice red tomatoes Mr Nikolovski decided to buy organic super growing pellets. The pellets has generously been put in all the pots. Team Nikolovski och framförallt Mr Nikolovski drömmer om egna hemodlade tomater. Sagt och gjort, projektet odla egna tomater har påbörjats. Morfar Sven-Hugo har konsulterats. Krukor, jord och plantor har inhandlats. Under ett par kvällar förra veckan har vi planterat och fixat och donat på balkongen. Mr Nikolovski har tagit stor stolhet i att vattna, prata och flytta runt plantorna för att ge dem så my