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IF: Egg & Happy Easter

Happy Easter  Glad påsk

IF: Swim

This weeks topic on Illustration Friday is SWIM It got me to think about my own relationship to water and swimming. A walk down memory lane took me to somewhere in the middle of the 80th. I can still feel the cold wet tiles where me and a bunch of other small people had to sit on the ground and practice frog movements over and over again. A cheerful teacher cheering us on. Huu there I was shivering with goosebumps all over my body and blue lips. When we finally could move on from the cold floor the water felt just as cold. It took me at least half of the lesson to be brave enough and get into the water. The yellow plastic floaty things wrapped around my little chest was squeezing and hurting me. Teacher told us to collect apples and pears as we jumped up and down in the water. We could get different medals if we achieved different things in the water. I managed all the way to the "golden frog" medal , but then the water became deeper and I simply wasn't brave enough to

Saturday walk

Saturday was sunny but very cold Great visit of Mamma/Mommo Mi We decided to go for a long walk to down-town Prague We had a good time and enjoyed the day We were out for quit some time.  Had a late lunch with some nice wine.  The whole team enjoying it But next minute Baby Nikolovski had ENOUGH!!! PANIC!!! Baby Nikolovski SCREAMING, SCREAMING, SCREAMING!!! The rest of Team Nikolovski stressed, stressed, stressed Shaking, shaking, shaking - didn't work Ssshhh, ssshhh, sssshhh - didn't work  Running, running, running - didn't work  The way home felt LONG Having a screaming baby on the metro is pretty stressful I can tell you When we finally reached home, Baby Nikolovski smiling again Enough is a enough and no compromises !!

Spring chic

Våren låter vänta på sig vill jag lova. Visserligen har det varit några dagar den senaste månaden då solen kommit fram och temperaturerna vågat sig uppåt en smula tillsammans med hoppet om vår, men inget att skryta med direkt. Nej istället har snön fallit var och varannan dag. Media både här och där har fullt upp med att rapportera att detta banne mig är den kallaste mars ever.. Oj oj vad vi alla väntar och längtar efter att få svida om till chica vårkläder i pastellfärger och säga "VINTERN RASAT UT!" högt och tydligt. Men den som väntar på något gott väntar alltid för länge.. Brudarna ovan är liksom mitt rop på våren, de är så galet redo för våren, precis som jag!! Aren't we all waiting for spring to arrive !? Come on it is March it is time for some nice spring weather!! Our pastel outfits, pale skin and sneakers are all ready to see the world. But no spring is letting us wait. Media is busy reporting that this is the coldest March ever.. Every other day the snow i

What if...

All parents are of course super proud of their babies, how they are learning and growing. In fact it is pretty common to proudly mention the babies current weight and length. This makes me smile and I can't help myself to think what if we introduce all team members in the same way??


I am pretty good at multitasking But there is always room for improvement I am thinking something like this maybe..

New technique

A few weeks ago I decided to broaden my artistic horizons and to try a new technique. I have seen quite a lot painted in gouache and got interested to try. Gouache is similar to watercolors but is richer and non-transparent. I like the fact that you can paint lighter colors on a dark background. I have been trying and testing, but to be honest is going so and so... But I am not giving up (just get...) Here are a few samples of what it looks like at the moment.. Jag bestämde mig för några veckor sedan att vidga mina konstnärliga vyer och prova på en ny teknik. Jag har sett en hel del i gouache och blev nyfiken. Gouache är en täckande vattenfärg som ger fyllighet och häftiga nyanser. Framförallt kan man måla ljusa mönster uppepå en mörkbakgrund vilket jag tyckte lät spännande. Jag har provat och testat en del de senaste veckorna, men det går så där i ärlighetensnamn. Skam den som ger sig, här kommer lite smakprov på hur det ser ut just nu..

Happy angels

I have been baking different types of cupcakes lately. Experiments using ingredients from what the house has to offer. What about apple crunch or bananachocochip ? I took the opportunity to serve my angels some cupcakes to put them in a good mood. På senaste tiden har jag experimenterat med olika muffinbak. Jag har helt enkelt tagit vad vi haver och trollat ihop något smaskigt. Vad sägs om kaneläppel med crunch eller bananchocochip ? Jag passade på att bjuda mina änglar på muffins för att få dom på bra humör...

Here comes the sun!!

Mr Nikolovski heard on the news the other day that Prague in total had 40 sun-hours from January first to end of February. In February it was the greyest of the greyest week with only two sun-hours all week. No wonder it was amazing to see the return of the sun this weekend. All Prague's inhabitants I am pretty sure were out for a walk on Saturday to enjoy the bright sun rays after all the grey days, hours and minutes. Team Nikolovski was one of them and we went for a long stroll in a beautiful park, enjoyed the view over the city and the first Gambrinus of the year in Letna beer-garden. With the sun comes happiness and dirty windows.. Mr Nikolovski hörde på nyheterna härom dagen snåla siffror på Prags soltimmar under årets första två månader. Ynka fjuttiga 40 soltimmar totallt på två månader. En vecka i feburari var den gråaste av alla gråa veckor med endast två soltimmar. Inte konstigt att det kändes fantastiskt när solen äntligen återvände i helgen. Som alla andra Prag invån

Art work = Owl work

I am working on some new figures to add to the collection of cute animals  Three very wise owls looking a little confused I quite like them They will be framed and placed next to the gang of pink elephants and blue cats Thinking to add a background before I am satisfied, but not sure yet...  By the way I am not sure why I hanging more birds on the wall, I am scared of birds and think they are pretty disgusting... Probably some psychological explanation behind these birds... Lets just leave it at that..

Frog style

Små grodorna små grodorna      Är lustiga att se Three little frogs?!