Wednesday, May 28, 2014

First of May

First of May is a very important date. It is not only a day of demonstrations and welcoming that finally the spring is here but it is also my friends Titti´s birthday. Heaven forbid if I or anyone else would forget this day!! The good thing is that she starts to remind people in her surrounding well in advance that her special day is approaching to make sure not to be forgotten. We have known each other for 22 years this year ( My God who old we are ?!) which means that I have remembered her big day for some years now.

When we were younger her mother used to bake a great cake based on almonds called Måntårta (moon cake) a good reason not to be too hang over from Valborg celebration the day before so I could maximize my share of the cake, it is by far my favorite cake.

This year I decided to make this illustration for her. It is basically saying that I wish that we were closer to each other so we could celebrate here with presents, balloons & cake. And maybe have a coir signing only for her and that I would join the demonstrations to make first of May only her day.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May a month full of traveling

May has for Team Nikolovski been full of traveling. We celebrated 1 of May and that we have lived in Prague for 2 years with great friends and the day after we began our traveling. Me and Mila took a plane to Stockholm to spend a week with my family before continuing down to Skopje. Loren jumped in the car down to Macedonia to first work in Greece a week and then to have a week off all together in Skopje.

Many new experiences in Sweden. We spent a few days at my mamma Mi & Göran´s country house, Lugnet. Mila got a closer introduction to our old pony Spot and his girls. First time on a horse, big deal for me and proud mormor Mi (that´s why several horsey pictures...) Mila was more focused looking for the closest swing-set so she could escape the wild retired pony who wanted to run off with her. Corn on a cob was a success dinner. Warm bath in the hot tub was also a success but even more fun was to climb mormor´s very steep stairs ( and there is three of them) back in Stockholm and see how scared she can make her mamma. We checked out Aunty Sofie`s apartment in Örebro and she introduced Mila to a classical and loved Swedish dish, Taco ( I know original Mexican but in a very Swedish way and nowadays more Swedish then Swedish meatballs) We spend time with my dad in Lundsätter the place I wrote about in the previous post. And last but not least Mila got to cuddle Levis our big and very friendly cat. We managed to do a lot and we had a great time and are looking forward to come back in Midsummer.


From Stockholm me, Mila and morfar Stefan ( my dad) headed south to search for pappa Loren and warmer weather. Mila had asked for pappa even in her sleep so from the moment Loren picked us up at the airport in Skopje she would not let go of his neck. She was holding on to him like a little monkey and if anyone including me ( poor mamma not longer in center of the attention) she would say in a firm way PAPPA and hold on to him even harder. In Skopje Mila got introduced to her granddad, uncle and many other relatives and God grandparents. She had a pretty traumatic experience getting christening (being dipped in to cold water by a strange man in dress would make me scream also..)  but after a great lunch with the whole Macedonian family collected. The Balkan food is great and after eating burek or french toast for breakfast every day I feel like I am rolling.

We showed my dad around Skopje and up in the cable-car to see Skopje from above, great view and such a beautiful city with the mountains surrounding it. I think my dad enjoyed the new experience of Skopje and it was very nice that he came with us. I went to the hairdresser that I visit every time I am in Skopje and got him to get my hair under some kind of control again. We organized a great dinner for friends outside the city in a very cute restaurant with traditional food ( and food for an army). Mila and I got uncle Riste, farfar & Elli to come with us to the zoo on the warmest day so most animals was hiding in the shade, but to get an pink rabbit balloon was a wow experience for a balloon crazy girl. We had a very good stay in Skopje and are hoping to come back in the autumn to make aijvar.

From Skopje me and Mila flew back to Stockholm and spent a nice and sunny day with mormor Mi in Stockholm before heading back to Prague the following day. Great trip indeed and we were super ready to come home to Prague again. Now we are settling back in to our life and routines here and are happy to catch up with all our friends.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Lundsätter the place where I am born. In the darkest forrest kilometres from small village. Nothing special, but very special to me. I go here and I feel calm, good and creative. Me and Mila spent a few days here with my dad last week. I got feeling and collected left over and forgotten furniture's and paintings. In the cutest part of the building I made a Team Nikolovski style country home. I added some colors and some crazy creative solutions and I can't wait to come back to midsummer and continue and also to relax here...