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Ice Cream

The nice summer weather is back.. It has been warm and sunny all weekend.. Our balcony feels like a balcony in the Mediterranean, it is great!! The warm weather gives me a great excuse to consume ice creams in all flavors, colors and shapes..

Vacation count down...

I am ready for vacation 2012... I found this drawing which I made from a beach chair at Lyttersta beach a few years ago. The feeling comes right back to me. The sun is warming good when not hiding behind the clouds Warm clear water A good book and a sketch block The great noises from people when they are enjoying the summer and their picnic.. Take me there!!

Flower power

Monday and a new week has just begun.. Our weekend was relaxing Saturday we check out another beer festival before enjoying a great dinner with long discussions. Long walk in heavy rain on Sunday followed by relaxing time in the sofa.. Recharged batteries ready for this weeks challenges..

Happy mascot on the wall..

Team Nikolovski has a little mascot, Freddie. Freddie is a little ant looking figure. Happy is Freddies constant mood. What ever weather or day it is he is always happy. He is hanging on the wall and is sometimes jumping up and down just for fun.. Freddie doesn't worry about things. First I thought I would write that we can all learn something from Freddie, but then I realised that is a little stupid.. I mean what to learn, to be a little more wooden and in the same mood all the time?! That's for mascots and not for humans... We humans has a wide variety of different moods and we do worry sometimes.. That's what makes us more interesting...


My little sister Sofie has taken studenten and I remember I had a picture of her to share. It was 11 years ago I finished high school, time is flying but at the same time feels like ages ago.. Difference from now and then ?! The shoes they are wearing these days, my god... Looks like big bricks.. Dresses are a little fancier and shorter. Long hair seems to be a must. Apart from this same same pretty much, excited to move on to a next stage in life.

Wet, Windy & Freezing

Team Nikolovski headed over to Stockholm on Friday to celebrate little sisters studenten.. We had a great weekend seeing the family and relaxing. Relaxing was the thing to do as the weather was horrible.. Windy, Wet and Freezing... In fact the coldest and wettest June day in 84 years.. But with good company, comfortable sofa, a warm rug and a good book, it is ok sometimes..