Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

Two sides of the same table

Friday gives a great feeling.
Work week is over and we are ready and excited for the weekend to start..We are tired and ready to relax.. To cork up a nice bottle of red wine is a great Friday activity.
We have collected some really nice bottles on our travels, they are looking good and tasty.
But at the moment there are two sides to the same table in the Nikolovski household.
One side that can enjoy the taste of the red drops
And one side that are only aloud to look, smell and try just a tiny drop or two
Weekend plans 
Team Nikolovski is spending weekend in the car going to Belgrade on Saturday and staying there over night. I am hoping we will get the chance to have a look around Belgrade before continuing our journey down to Skopje on Sunday. The car will be packed with presents to all Nikolovski relatives, neighbours and friends. A challenges to figure out what all the different people would appreciate and then find these things, but I think we managed without too much stress this time..
 We will stay in Skopje for a week and work from our office there, see relatives and friends, enjoy the food, going for a haircut and hopefully enjoy some nice warm weather and sunshine..

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Prenatal Yoga experience...

Monday this week I left work a little earlier to attend my first prenatal yoga lesson.. A great warm, sunny day and I was double pleased with myself,  not only did I manage to find the way without any problems but also being in time...  Pragues all metro lines, trams, buses, where to go and which exit to take is still a bit of  a jungle for me, but hey I am definitely getting better and better...
The yoga experience started with a cup of green tea and a chat about that it is a difference between stretching your body and feeling pain even if it is a fine line between them.. I should have got a little worried here, but I thought if I have managed to ride all sorts of wild horses, been doing boxercise (regularly every third year at Friskis and Svettis..) and with a lot of willpower even trained capoeira (OK only for a few times but even so... It counts..) Yoga will or at least should be nice and relaxing way of doing exercise.
I do admit I felt very relaxed and a bit spacey after 90 minutes of doing a lot of different more or less possible and impossible movements and positions. It might have been from the exhaustion of all the coordination and thinking of everything that has to be done at the same time as I am breathing, relaxing, smiling and not falling over...
But don't you think that I am giving up, oh no I am definitely continuing.. As the teacher said it is all about positive thinking and I am being positive and thinking that this is good for me and little member.. I am also sure that it is good to enjoy a chat, hot chocolate and toast afterwards, so I will continue with that also...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A rainy Team building experience II

I will more in detail explain Team Nikolovski's climbing Giant Mountain experience in heavy rain and thick fog. Husband was a little skeptical at first as the rain was really pouring it down and not sure that it is clever to climb mountains with a wife carrying a 6 months big baby bump.. I was prepared and squeezed into rain gear from top bottom. Cute colorful rain jacket and trousers which I thought would be waterproof, but of course turned out to be everything but waterproof. As my husband says "if you pay peanuts you get peanuts" very true and a very wet lesson to learn in the middle of nowhere.. What I was thinking when I picked my white jogging shoes (to be clear jogging shoes which has never been for a jog and will never go for a jog, not with me anyway..) I can confirm these type of shoes are not waterproof what so ever and an extremley stupid choice...
My husband looked like a walking condom with a plastic cover wrapped around him. This plastic cover did more damage than good and worked as a water spreader which made sure his legs got soaking wet after only a few minutes.. My conclusion is that we need to invest in some good equipment before next time..

We enjoined the whole experience a lot even though the weather was shitty and we didn't manage to reach the top as it got a little too heavy to climb all the way up with this baby bump.. But we promised ourselves that we will do more of these kinds of activities in the future as it is such a great feeling. The greatest feeling is to come home and be super tired everywhere..

A rainy Team building experience..

Team Nikolovski has just got back from a trip to the Krkonose (Giants Mountain) National park located on the Meadow mountain plateau next to highest Czech mountain Snezka. Together with some of our colleagues the plan was to enjoy and team build out in the wild nature for a couple of days. We stayed in a mountain chalet with its own brewery and bakery, great beer and fresh bread in the middle of nowhere..
The previous days in Prague had been summer warm and sunny and even if we had seen the rough weather forecast the amount of rain and the radical temperature drop came as a chock...
Some people were more prepared than others to this weather conditions and also for the planned activity to climb Snezka. Looking around you could find everything from hardcore outdoor equipment with goretex, stakes and backpacks to shiny office shoes and blazer jackets (super non waterproof as you can imagine..)
Even though it was raining very heavy and the fog was thick we had a good trip and it is nothing better to get back tired, have a hot chocolate, get warm again and to fall asleep at home in the sofa...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A need for Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Team Nikolovski has got a new morning routine..
Every morning for the past three weeks when husband is seeing himself in the mirror he comments that he is in a need of a haircut. Yesterday he shouted that he can't recognize himself for all the fluffy hair..I would say it is not that bad, but ok he is ready for a haircut no doubt.. Latest this morning he was promising himself to go the hairdresser this afternoon.. I am monitoring the development, it makes me smile, but I wouldn't put my money on that he will get it done today or even this week..

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Czech driving and traffic is horror..

4 months has gone since we moved to Prague, Czech Republic. We are getting use to the life and the pulse here and we are enjoying it. No doubt it is a different lifestyle to live in a bigger city compared to Örebro, a middle sized Swedish town cute but pretty sleepy. Our new neighborhood here in Prague 5 is great, nature around the corner at the same time city center only 15 minutes away. From our balcony we can see the city in the horizon as it wakes up and goes to sleep. A city full of life with  different flavors and options, but where we are it is quiet and calm.
BUT there is something that we cant get use to and probably never will get use to...
The traffic behaviors!!!
Seriously Czech people turn into monsters behind the steering wheel. It doesn’t matter if they are sat in a new shiny or an old rusty vehicle, if it is a man or a woman, young or old, if they have passengers or no passengers, they simply use no logic or common sense...
Dangerous maneuvers and stupidities all the time.. Crossing full lines, squeezing in front of you, over take on weird places & driving up to close and pushing you to move out of their way..  Pushing you to go where when it is a long line of cars in front ?? Their behavoirs just doesnt make any sense..
This is very frustrating and it can turn any good mood into a bad and upset state of mind.. Actually it makes you super extremly super angry and you want to do shake and do bad things to stupid people..
I did of course have to make a comicstrip about the Czech traffic, to illustrate parts of what we experience daily..