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Enjoying the sunshine

Solen och värmen kom  Blek hud mötte solens strålar Våren slutade tveka och knoppar brast  Naturen kläddes i gröna nyanser Förra veckan var helt fantastisk med sommar temperaturer och solsken. Det är helt ok att vara hemma. Det är som jag får nypa mig i armen. Njuter till fullo gör vi. Mila är dock lite fyra månaders kinkig och har lärt sig bemästra konsten att gnälla, men skratten och det busiga leendet väger upp gnällandet. Vad jag gör om dagarna..  Jag dricker kaffe, promenerar, dricker mer kaffe. Åker in till stan. Äter lunch med mamma bebis kompisar. Yoga måndag och onsdag ( inte alltid så avslappnat som det borde vara, Mila tröttna efter ett kort tag..) Kindermusiken på fredagar uppskattas mer, då sjungs och skrattas det (jag står för sången och Mila för skratten.) Förra veckan var det premiär för att provsmaka mat. Bananen och potatisen smakade helt ok medan morötter och ärtor inte föll Mila i smaken. Bäst verkade den nya haklappen smaka. Last week we had great we

IF: Train

I have missed a few weeks to draw for Illustration Friday although it has been great topics. This weeks topic is train I got inspire to make a sweet little playtime train.

Mr Niklovski's scanning adventure in US

A couple of weeks ago Mr Nikolovski flew to US, Texas for meetings and training with his department. Of all the stories and happenings he was telling me about, this one made me laugh so hard.... When flying back Mr Nikolovski got a bit scared of all the big super scanners they have in the airports in US. Scanners that scan your whole body very thoroughly. Too much radiation is not good, so Mr Nikolovski asked to be scanned manually. In Dallas it was no problem they scanned him with a handheld scanner and he was good to go. In Chicago he asked the same thing. "No problem sir" said the security guard and pulled out a latex glove. "Please take you pants off so I can examine your anus!" Mr Nikolovski had not expected such extreme examinations for bombs and had to think quick to get himself out of this situation. "I changed my mind" he said and try to look as sorry as he could. "Too late, you asked for manual scan and you are getting a manual scanning!&q


Finally spring has come to Prague!! The birds are singing ! The grass is growing green. If you stop for a minute you can almost see and hear how it grows. Tree buds are working hard to dress all the bare branches in a green costume. Spring flowers are blossoming It feels good to have spring here, welcome!

A hate-love relationship

 I have a love-hate relationship to washing. I love the feeling of putting things in the washing machine. If I don't have things in the washing basket ready for washing I go for a hunt around the apartment looking for things that can do with a wash. This behavior is totally inherited from my mother who could ask me to take clothes off so she could wash it ( possible that they also smelled a little horsey..) As much as I love the washing moment I hate the feeling of having to fold and put away washed and dried cloths.And don't even mention ironing, I refuse, a crease or two has never hurt anyone... These days the washing pile is bigger but at the same time more bright and colorful. Sweet little clothes for a sweet little girl. Jag har ett speciellt förhållande till att tvätta kläder, en passionerad hatkärlek. Kärleken riktas mot att få stoppa in kläder i tvättmaskinen för tvätt. Finns det inte mycket i tvättkorgen letar jag rätt på något som kan behöva en tvätt.

Passport challange

Not so easy to take a photo of baby Nikolovski for her passport... So much things to do..

Something about dogs

Prague is full of dogs in different shapes and forms. I read that according to some estimates, more people have dogs as pets in Prague than anywhere else in the world. No wonder they keep showing up in my sketch book..

Big girl

When baby Nikolovski was born people kept saying "enjoy every moment because they are growing sooo fast" We thought yeah right surely she won't grow THAT fast. But o my God people were right she really is growing like crazy. A whole bunch of clothes are already outgrown and put away. She is playing away with her toys, "talking", standing on her little tiny legs with help from mum and dad, looking like a drunk when sitting and having a mind of her own. Before we know it she will be crawling, walking and running.

Thursday treat

Thursday evening after a long day in the office ( not quite true for part of Team Nikolovski, but sounds more exhausting then spending the day drinking coffee in comfy chairs at Starbucks..) Our good friend Mr Adad turned up with nice fresh organic ingredient ready to cook for us (that's whats friends are for, right!?) There was seafood, peppers and a whole pile of onions. Mr Adad turned all the good products into a magically tasty seafood paella. Team Nikolovski was eating away and enjoyed it ALOT Thank you very much and come soon back!

The baby effect

Mr Nikolovski is appointed as Team Nikolovski's grocery shopping manager. This is an important role and a role he takes very seriously. When the light has fallen he heads to one or two stores to do the weekly shopping. The list is written and he is taking his time touching, squeezing and smelling products of interest. We have done a through ECO hunt and are happy to say that we can find good products organic certified here in Prague. Mr Nikolovski likes his shopping and takes his time picking the right products. He is reading what everything contains and is avoiding scary E-numbers and chemicals, which is to say the least not easy these days. The other day when he came home from the store, he was a little giddy. He said " I am not sure if I am going mad or not.. but I find myself shaking and moving the shopping-cart back and forth like a crazy person.People must think I am a little cocko shaking the groceries just like the baby.." You are not mad och crazy it is ju