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Stockholm weekend

As I am approaching Stockholm and city traffic I realize that I havnt left my village  in 5 months.. 5 months of only 1 traffic light and free parking spaces everywhere, easy life. Easy but pretty boring so se are ready for a city energy injektion this weekend. We are staying at my dads creative house in Nacka. Here is some of my colorful paintings on the walls.

Rain rain go away part 2

I am recycling an illustration I made back in 2013 to illustrate mid July summer weather 2015... It is pretty grey and miserable weather. Lets put it this way I still have heating on inside... Come on now please rain rain go away!

Rain rain go away!

We keep singing rain rain go away.. But it seems to have no effect here in Sweden. After a record cold, rainy and windy May and June I guess we were all hoping for some nice warm sunny weather. We northern people need to charge our batteries with some nice weather before the dark comes again. I can already notice that the dark is falling at night after some weeks of light nights around Midsummer. I guess still some time to hope for this amazing Swedish summer days though, don't think I have given up on you! So I continue singing rain rain go away!

Back to 1994

Sommartider hej hej sommartider! Sometimes but only sometimes I wish it was 1994 again, I made a couple of illustrations on this topic sometime ago. It was a warm and sunny summer Me and my best friend was playing cards on the beach all day Sweden playing good football and ending up third in the world cup and we were all signing "Digging for gold in the USA" and dreaming about football players I was laying in the grass with my best friend dreaming about the future and making rather weird foretelling lists ( hundreds of them) and then in the evening we were doing the same but inside a small playhouse where we slept all summer In the field I had a bunch of grass fat ponies to enjoy an evening canter with in the lush nature Going to riding camp with other horse crazy girls is their anything better then that? All good memories although I am not sure that I would want to be 14 for more then for one or two days again.