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Illustration Friday: Whiskers

  On the topic whiskers.  This little cat family is enjoying their first snow.  They are watching snow-flakes after snow-flakes covering the city in the late evening. På teamat morrhår Denna lilla kattfamilj sitter på första parkett och ser den första snön falla över staden.  Det är kväll och även om katter egentligen inte gillar vatten är det magiskt att se snöflinga efter snöflinga falla för allra första gången. 


Zoom was last weeks word on IF.  This is how I interpreted and got inspired by the word.  Zooming down a ski-slope would be great.

Lost without my smoothie

Me and smoothie has a long relationship and we are still going strong. My mamma Mi introduced smoothies about 20 years ago, when I was a tiny person who had issues and lack of time to eat breakfast. Mamma Mi prepared and served me nice colorful smoothies daily for years. Great start of the day and a lot of energy. At the moment I am enjoying long big breakfasts and have time to make experiments with different flavors. My smoothies is reaching new heights everyday.. Pineapple, blueberry and grapes is a great combination that I can recommend.  Inte utan min smoothie Smoothies = nyttig fruktig drink som jag tror saknar svensköversättning och istället har vi svenskar kort och gott adopterat det engelska ordet smoothie. Jag har haft ett långt förhållande till smoothies och vårt förhållande växer sig allt starkare för varje år. Det var mamma Mi som introducerade smoothies för sisådär 20 år sedan. Jag var liten och mager och hade svårt att äta frukost. Hur jag inte kunde äta frukost

Me feeling like Barbamama

Last week I had one of those days when I feel like super not glamorous at all. Dirty hair in a bad shape, dressed in soft washed out cloths all day and feeling big and round like Barbamama. The following day I decided to do something about this and found a hairdresser who did a very good job of my hair. I also put on some descent cloths and tried with some make-up, but I am still feeling as big as Barbamama..  Känner mig som en Barbamama Förra veckan kände jag mig sådär ruggigt oglamorös. Skitigt hår i behov av klippning, klädd i urtvättade myskläder med hål både här och där. Dessutom kände jag mig lika stor, rund och tung som Barbamama. Det var helt enkelt dags för ett uppryck och jag begav mig följande dag till frissören som gjorde ett riktigt bra jobb med min tjocka man. Jag drog på mig något hippare trasor som fortfarande passar min runda mage och piffade till mig med lite smink. Fräschare jodå men ta mig tusan jag känner mig ändock som en stor jäkla Barbamama..

Dr. Pretty normal but pretty grumpy

  My doctor is a pretty grumpy doctor. He is not happy to speak English and he was pretty upset when he got me as a patient. But as time has gone and our baby bump has grown he has become softer and an important support. I have got use to him always saying that results and findings are PRETTY normal, not normal but pretty normal. In the beginning I thought what the hell does pretty normal mean is that good or can I be more normal? I have digested the expression and of course he is right. We are all different and actually what is normal? Probably none of us are totally normal just pretty normal not more not less. The other day when I visited him for the last time before mini is born, I gave him a bottle of wine that Mr Nikolovski sent with me. As I gave him the bottle and thanked him for taken such good grumpy care of us I even got a little emotional. For the coming weeks I will do all the controls at the hospital which is all new and scary again. Dr. ganska normal och ganska

Sunday outfit

  Team Nikolovski's Sunday outfit is comfortable, relaxed and soft Our mood is also relaxed and comfortable, should we really destroy this state of mind with a trip to IKEA? We need some baby related stuff, but seriously is Sunday the best day? I can't stand too much people at one place and our stress level will without a doubt rise sky high. Just thinking about it make me feel bad. Söndags lunket Team Nikolovski's söndagsklädsel går under benämningen löst och ledigt. Vi har njutit av vår obligatoriska helg frukost och är så där härligt avslappnade. Frågan är om vi verkligen ska förstöra detta avslappnade lunk och till IKEA en söndag?? Vi behöver komplettera babyutrustningen, men bara tanken på IKEA en söndag med allt folk får mig att må fysiskt dåligt... 

Birds coolest hang-out

Team Nikolovski lives on the top floor of our building.Up here we are close to the clouds as well as to the nature. On our balcony we have enjoyed warm summer nights, nice dinners, sunny days and airplanes that now and then fly too close and makes too much noise. We can see the city in the horizon and gaze at stars at night time. I have replanted the pots from ugly bushes to bright colorful flowers. From summer colors to autumn colors. Next to one of the flowerpots is a wooden bird-feeder placed. It looks very cute and I thought it is placed there just for decoration reasons, but lately there is a little bird who keeps turning up. He lands on the edge of the flowerpot, checks the feeder out and then look at me in a very sweet and a little disappointed way. Before he flies off he skips around the balcony. A short while later he is back. I am surely not a bird lover, but something about this bird got me to buy a bag of tasty seeds and nuts this weekend. Now there is a real bird party

Celebration and just another day

Today is Team Nikolovski's wedding anniversary. My best and most important yes of all yes's and the best decision in my life. My real life started when I met You. It is like going to the Cinema. Before the real movie starts it is commercial and trailers. Sometimes you feel like it goes on forever but at the same time it is an important part of the whole experience. The commercial and trailer part can be fun,stupid, entertaining and confusing. Then the lights gets turned off and the red curtains close for a short while before they slide open and with great load music the movie you have come to see is starting. The movie takes your breath away and takes you on an adventure and to new experiences you never have experienced before. The movie of my life started when I met my You! We don't believe in special celebrations as everyday together is just as important and worth to celebrate. Today is Sunday a grey grey Sunday and we are having a relaxing day at home. Baking

Confusion in the baby jungle

Are Team Nikolovski prepared for a mini member and new challenges? or maybe more like it have we understood that we are only a few weeks in front of new challenges and a mini member? I would frankly say: "not really" or "as much as one can be prepared." I have done research what is needed, but there is sooo much stuff and things. We have taken our first steps into this baby-shop world. A crazy world and shops I have never even noticed before. Not sure I even knew they existed, maybe they didn't exist before!? They are huge and contains baby related products high and low. Products I don't know how and where to use them. A new world. Just take baby strollers as an example. There are millions different types. Four wheels, three wheels, big wheels, small wheels, turning wheels and many many other weird wheel combinations. Black, blue, red, green, pink and all the rest of all the colors in the world. Hundreds of different handlebars, materials, desi

New routines and projects

Nearly a week has gone on my maternity leave ( waiting and preparing for mini leave to be precise). New routines to get use to: wake up around 9, a hot bath,  a nice fresh breakfast and watching Swedish TV-show "After teen" and the day can start. I have been for yoga, a good way to move and relax my stiff and inflexible body. But mostly I have taken the opportunity to draw and illustrate. Life is good and so far not bored one little bit.. One of my projects are to make pictures that I can hang on the wall in my planed baby corner. This is my latest collection: a gang of pink elephants, blue and fat cats and a snail race. What about them, are they pretty baby friendly?    Nya rutiner och projekt  Första veckan på min mammaledighet (vänta- på-bebis-ledighet för att vara korrekt) har snart passerat. Så mycket nya rutiner att behöva vänja sig vid: slå upp mina blå runt nio tiden, ta ett varmt bad med väldoftande olja, härlig och stor frukost framför TV programmet &

Illustration Friday: Shy

Illustration Friday: Haunt

This week´s topic on Illustration Friday is Haunt, a topic inspired by Halloween. Team Nikolovski got invited to a Halloween party this weekend to come, unfortunately in Sweden so we have to give it a miss. However I started to think what costume I would choose and realized that it is easy this year. It already feels and maybe looks like I am carrying around a big pumpkin. Baby bump would easily with orange colors be taken for a scary pumpkin, so half job done. The rest of the witch outfit fits me pretty well and strangely enough I feel pretty comfortable in frizzy hair and a big hat. Mr Nikolovski would easily be transformed into a sweet Dracula or Devil. Veckans tema på Illustration Friday är Haunt, svensk översättning spöka eller hemsöka. Team Nikolovski är bjuden denna helg på Halloween fest i Katrineholm och tyvärr är det lite för långt för oss att åka. Dock började jag genast spåna på ideer på vad vi skulle kunna klä ut oss till. I år känns det ganska enkelt med tanke på

New times ahead

This feels a little strange but from today I will start my maternity leave. Me and our baby bump will be home and grow a little more and to relax. According to Czech law you are supposed to be home 6 weeks before expected delivery date. Great law as I think it is good to let yourself slow down and to focus on the new tasks and challenges. Also it gives me time to focus on my different painting and illustration projects and to arrange baby bumps get-together here in Prague. I am sure I will keep myself busy but it is a very weird feeling to leave the job behind for some time to come.   Nya tider Idag jobbar jag min sista dag på kontoret och får den nya rollen som mammaledig. Jag och magen ska vara hemma och ta det lugnt och ladda för nya tider. Magen ska växa till sig lite till, pust, och jag ska passa på att fokusera på att må bra och samla super energier. Enligt Tjeckisk lag ska man gå hem 6 veckor innan beräknat datum och det tror jag är helt rätt. Även om jag mår fin fint o