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Happy New Year 2022

 I try to make a family portrait of me an my family every year for Christmas and new year With this year edition I want to wish  Happy new year 2022 !!  I also added this years edition of our family Christmas picture 

Weekly update: 3/52 December craft

Christmas was very nice and relaxed for us. We decided already in October that we will stay in Düsseldorf over Christmas. Mila had school all the way until 23/12 so it felt too stressed to fly on Christmas Eve and also to avoid the stress with Corona rules, tests and quarantine. A good decision since as we excepted the infected covid numbers have gone up all of Europe again. Second Covid Christmas.  Lets hope this virus soon will loose this tight grip of the world and we can stop worry about new restrictions, limitations and infections. Having said that we have also adjusted and learned to live with it and are not even thinking it is strange that we wear masks in shops, showing vaccination app before entering a store or that kids wears masks in classrooms and gets tested every second day.  Of course it feels a little sad that we couldn't go home to Sweden now when the kids are having school-break but we focus on the good things we have here and make the most out of things and focus

Weekly update: 2 /52 Advent and bags

I am a great fan of Advent and all the preparations before Christmas. In matter of fact I like Advent more then Christmas. The Advent candles, the advent kalenders, advent stars in all the windows and we decorate christmas already first of advent with Christmas tree and everything. And not to forget to mention living in Germany where they have Christmas markets everywhere all of December big and small which makes it an even more magical season.  This year I got asked if I could make 24 small bags for an advent kalender for one class in the local school. Fun project and it was the start of my new design for my gift bags with drawstrings on the sides with cute ribbons or strings. I also realized how much time it takes to make a simple bag and that made me think of the 24 advent kalender bags sold cheap in stores for around about 10 € - it is not possible to be profitable if you don't have cheap label (underpaid and maybe child labour) and cheap material. I told my client that I can&#

Weekly update: 1/52 Morning Coffee Creative inspiration

Hi from Düsseldorf,  I got new inspiration and energy for my blog the other morning when I met with a little group of creative international women here in Düsseldorf. Because of Covid it's been over a year ago since we last met up and it was nice to finally catch up again. We are women from many different countries and who all are into different artistic creative genre living in Düsseldorf. It is great to have this forum to share, inspire and push each other. Last time we met I was more confused what I wanted to do with my illustrations and my hats that I am sewing. How to take it to next level and actually find channels to sell. Since then I have really pushed myself and managed to participate in 3 markets during 2021 which feels like a big step forward. To be brave enough to bring my handmade stuff out to the world to be exposed and sold.  With this this is a new start with my blog with the ambition to update weekly  About whatever comes on my mind or whatever creative projects t