Sunday, April 27, 2014

Prague view: Petrin Hill

When my mother was here we decided to explore Petrin Hill here in Prague. I have heard about the blossom cherry trees and also wanted to check out Prague´s "Eiffel tower" a bit closer. To reach Petrin Hill we took the cable car from Ujezd. On the way up we got a great view of the city and it was interesting to get to see the city from a different angle. As we got out of the cable car on the top we followed a small little park and while Mila explored her first puddle we send her grandmother to take pictures of Petřínská rozhledna ( Petrin lookout tour). The tower was built in 1891 for an exhibition and is 60m tall which doesn't sounds that tall but placed on Petrin hill which is 318m high. If you walk 299 steps you reach the top where the view of Prague is even more magnificent.

The spring came early to Prague and up on Petrin Hill it is amazing to see all the green nuances. On the walk down we found an amazing Magnolia tree with a bride, groom and photographer in it, beautiful. Petrin Hill is well worth a visit.

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