Sunday, February 9, 2020

My Love for Note pads

One of my New year resolutions for 2020 is to reduce the amount of clothing I buy for me. Not that I have been exaggerating buying cloths but still there is room for reduction, I anyways only buy shirts with stripes or dots on and however much garnments I have in my wardrobe I have nothing to wear anyways. But something I am not ready to stop buying even tough I don't really need more are pens, papers, drawing pads and note pads. For me it is pure happiness finding cute note pads in great quality or new inc pens preferable made in Japan but German is ok also to try out. I carry them home like hunting trophies and line them up on my desk or the kitchen table just so I can watch them and let the whole family also see ( but not to touch)  my great new purchases ( normally they are not quite as impressed as myself..) My favourite art supply store is still in Prague called Zlata Lodart Supplies on Pasáz Platyz from Narodini and I write lists well in advance of what aquarell colors I am running low on. For note pads I have found two favorite stores here in Düsseldorf Mayersche Buchhandlung on Köningsallee they have a big assortment and TK Maxx in Duisburg. The latter one is very unexpected for me I had no idea they sold everything in TK Maxx I thought it was just cloths. I went in just to have a look around last year and found Swedish made photo albums and hand-made Italian note pads and more. What is a bonus is their prices just like their slogo big brands for small prices - It is great. Here is parts of what I came home with last time I went there. I love the big case of Bruynzeel colouring and drawing pens I found and cant wait to try them out or actually I can wait look at them all in right order organized and sharp... 

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