Thursday, February 13, 2020

English Theater Düsseldorf "Breadcrumbs"

I got a very nice Christmas present of a friend a theater ticket to an English play here in Düsseldorf. "Breadcrumbs" by Jennifer Haley at the Theatermuseum der Landshauptstadt Düsseldorf. The play is about a writer who gets diagnosed with dementia and must depend on a troubled young caretaker to complete her autobiography. Between the two it is a battle between wills but also trip back in the past to the dark woods. It was a small stage with only a few rows of seats and we were nearly sitting in the play. I thought it would feel too close in case I got sleepy after a couple of glasses of wine or if it would be boring so I would nod off but the play and the performance was so good so it was never an issue. It was the premier show of the play and the performance was great and the story was interesting. I love theater and I will definitely come back to English Theater Düsseldorf.

After the theater we walked down town and had a drink outside - Outside in February!
And then we continued down to Altstadt and it was so much people and also a lot of polices all over the place. We went to the Mexican place had burritos, nachos and a few Mexican cocktails before heading back home.

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