Sunday, April 12, 2015

My creative paradise

 Lundsätter ( our country-house) is my creative paradise. Not only do I feel extra creative here in the forest I also have the space and the freedom to experiment as much as I want. I can experiment and express in so many different materials, colors, techniques, indoor as well as outdoor. Everything in this house is far from mainstream, normal or lagom (moderate). Not following trends and not following that things has to match or that less is more. Things at Lundsätter is colorful, fun and creative just like I want it and how I want it. I am changing and try new things when I feel like it. New projects are constantly started here some more successful then others and some gets finalized and some just half made for future continuation. 

y passion for the great vibrant color turquoise/aqua is visible here and there. It started with a little stool and has expanded to be the main color on the kitchen island. This morning me and Mila was going crazy with the paint brush doing the second layer. I know crazy and little brave to let a 2 year old go loose with a paint brush but she is mamma's great helper in everything. Mila also loves turquoise and as I couldn't pronounce this color until I was 20 I am very impressed that she can say it perfectly at the age of 2. She most have inherited all the linguistic and advanced speech skills from her dad and then maybe her interest of paint and painting from me.

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