Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dagis// Daycare germs in the house

We decided to enroll Mila to dagis/daycare here in Sweden. She was excited to start. I had explained what you do at dagis so she could prepare for the big new step in her life. First day was great everything I had promised was fulfilled. Dolls, singing, swing-set and eating fruit. For me it was harder, am I really ready to leave her ( I know only 3 hours a day but she is my great sweet companion and baby..) Also scared of all the snotty noses and germs flying around. First introduction week was great she was so excited to go and by the end of the week she even forgot about me for a minute or two. 

But of course I managed to catch all the nasty germs during our first dagis week... God damn it for these nasty kids germs. I can't remember last time I was ill and now pregnant in week 36 I had to get this coughing like I thought I would cough up the baby.. Yes I have been feeling very sorry for myself but now lets look forward and hope April will treat us well and no more dagis germs please.. At least started nice with great Easter weekend and now sunny and warm. 

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