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20/52 Weekly update How about Covid-19 these days

So how is it going with Covid- 19 in Germany - North rhine-westphalia ? 

To be honest I am not following things that much as in I have no clue about the amount of infected or treated in the hospitals for a very long time. Maybe it is not even being reportered anymore now when we have the war to report about. 

When it comes to restrictions in our everyday lives the restrictions have been easing up more and more during the spring and mainly after Easter. When we came back from Easter-break in Sweden we didn't need to show proof of vaccination or quarantine to enter the country.  Also during April the mandatory face-masks in supermarkets was lifted ( the rule started I would say April 2020 and been constant through the pandemic)  First time I entered the shop without mask here in Germany was end of April and I felt like a rebellious anarchist and I was sure someone would tell me off for not wearing a mask because honestly 98% of the people wore masks and also they do like to tell people off for things here.. Even today beginning of June I would estimate that 60-70% of the customers in a shop wears masks. I guess people got use to it, are still scared and still believe in the magic of the masks. 

Schools and kindergartens used to test the children with a lollitest 2-3 times per week up until Easter and after that we got given tests so we could keep testing the children at home 2 times per week. The funny and also sad thing was that children who had been vaccinated were not included in the mandatory testing - although there is no proof vaccinated people can not spread the virus. Now in June no testing anymore. 

Lets mention test-centers and free Bürger tests/ Schnell test! So during the pandemic test-centers kept popping up here there and everywhere. Empty shop premisses got transfered into test-centers run by different companies and offering quick tests as well as PCR-tests. As late as March tents were put up outside our 2 local supermarkets here in Wittlaer (small quarter in Düsseldorf with around 8000 people) It was such easy access to these centers basically you could walk straight in and quick tests for free ( one test per week). I believe that during  the summer they are planning to start to close these centers - my God it will ge so many empty shops around andall the staff ( but if you are pessimistic orientated you might say well they will just close down during the summer and then be opened up again in the autumn when the virus will find a new mutation to spread) I choose to be positive and hoping that the peak is behind us.

Restaurants had a policy that to enter the you had to be vaccinated 3 times during the winter or 2 times vaccinated and also tested same day to enter the restaurants and so that's why I occasionally used the test-centers. Today no restrictions in restaurants as far as I am aware

In public transport are still masks required and also museums, hairdressers and any shops who want to can put up rule for the shop. So basically good to remember to have a mask in the pocket just in case. 
For us was a big change at Filips kindergarten - when we came back after Easter parents were allowed again to walk the children in and not just leave them outside. It felt strange to go in the first time even though we had masks it felt weird. Mila´s school basically has no rule about mask but it seems like many parents still prefer their children to wear mask in the classroom and so around 50% of the children wearing masks including Mila on her own initiative. I honestly don't think the kids should wear masks but I am not stopping Mila she can pick for herself and I hoping this will wear off more and more. 

I am currently reading a Swedish book at the moment about this Covid-19 Pandemic. An epidemiolog wrote a diary during the first year of Covid-19 - very very interesting to read and also emotional to go back only a couple years and read how it all started and developed during the first year. 
Emma Frans - Alla tvättar händerna 

This illustration I made during covid when Germany had this super nonsense restriction that you had to be vaccinated and tested etc etc to enter outdoor sitting area / beer-garten to a restaurant but no need for anything if you in the same restaurant ordered beer or ice-cream for take away and sat on a bench in the same area - same air. 

An here is another Covid- inspired illustration with all the German 3G, 3G+, 2G and 2G+ rules
Rules terribly complicated and mostly super stupid if you ask me


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