Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Boxes of illustrations

During our Christmas break in Sweden I was going through my studio at Lundsätter.  There I have all my arts and crafts supply, paintings I have made, notebooks with stories and diaries, all my calenders saved, Illustrations I have drawn, photos I have taken and all sorts of stuff I have sewn.
We were sick most of our stay in Sweden so that gave me a chance to go through things ( not that I can trow things even if it might be needed no I like to reorganize my stuff and I am a true hoarder)  Also decide what I should bring to Germany as Loren was driving the car up and down this time.
I have boxes and boxes of illustrations I have made mainly used here in the blog 2012-2014 and I want to go through the pictures and maybe do something more with them.

Can I create a story from the pictures I already have is one thought also maybe make small prints and of course sort them and put them in Mila and Filip albums now when I have time. It so much fun to go through it all and I found the prints I made long time ago as postcards, so cute and and that was so much fun although I still haven't manage to create a little web shop to maybe sell on or two of them instead of collecting.. 

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