We are Team Nikolovski

Cecilia Book Nikolovski is me and together with my husband Loren Nikolovski, Mila 5 years old and Filip 3 years old we are Team Nikolovski. This might sound like a small team but be sure it is a very strong team! We are a mix of European northern and southern spices with me from Sweden and Loren from Macedonia & Mila born in Prague & Filip born in Örebro.
Beautiful Prague was our home-ground for three years 2011-2014. Working for Swedish international industry company and enjoying great network of other internationals in Prague. After Prague we moved to Moscow a huge city and a mix between the past and the modern Russia with 12 millon inhabitants. We lived in an apartment down-town, Shabolovka with walking distance to Gorky Park and Red Square. Later in a town-house closer to the airport at Ivakhino. We stayed on and off in Moscow for 2,5 years and gained a lot of experiences from this new culture which is far and close to us in the same time. Since 2014 we shared our time in Moscow with our country-house, Lundsätter, located in the deep forrest in Sweden. The place where I am born and the place where I always want to come back to,  where my creativity can blossom and where the kids can enjoy the nature and country-side adventures.
From  2016 We lived in Sweden where I have been working as a teacher teaching Economy and English at upper high school level, having a horse again, kids having a great kinder-garden and having grandparents and family around. Enjoying sharing our time between town-life in Örebro (Sweden's 6th biggest city)  and country-life at Lundsätter. Although loving our time and life in Sweden we decided to head for another adventure for a couple of years. This time our destination is Dusseldorf  in Germany where we just moved. Welcome to follow us on this new journey here on the blog.

We are spontaneous as well as big fans of making lists and plans, this might sound as an oxymoron but not for Team Nikolovski. We love to travel, organic fresh food (especially our homegrown tomatoes), colors and to enjoy life as much as we can.

Daily happenings & adventures of Team Nikolovski's are the inspiration to my illustrations and my illustrations are the base and inspiration of this blog. Why say it in words when you can say it in colors are a great philosophy, even though I like a combination of both.
The illustrations in this blog are mainly a combination of pen, ink and watercolors.

If you want to know more about my illustrations, paintings and drawings don't hesitate to contact me. I am also available for freelance illustration works. 
Here you can see my portfolio ccillustrator

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