Monday, June 26, 2017

Teacher checking out

Ohh my God this school year went so fast. It feels like yesterday I entered that school building for the first time with the title teacher. Such great year, so much work, so much fun, so many great young people who are fun, lost and pretty lazy. Who are spending more time playing games or watching series on their computers then on their schoolwork. I had no idea what this year would be like when I started. If I would mange to gain respect and to teach these young people anything. A totally new role for me in a well known environment. Now looking back at my first year teaching at high school level I have really learned a lot and it has not been one boring day at work. Through given these youngsters respect and given them support I have got nothing but respect back.

It was an emotional last two weeks, wrapping things up and going through results and setting grades. And to say bye bye to great colleges and crazy mentor kids which I have grown very found of. I was exhausted by the end of the days and with a nasty cold on top of it it I was extra super tired. I tried to disguise it with flowers in my hair but still looked pretty rough. 

First day of my summer holiday break. I was thinking that maybe I wanted to bake but the energy nor the inspiration is not their yet. Maybe it will come...

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