Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Time flies already autumn

It is pity that I have not taken time to write here on the blog. I love having a place where I can write and have my illustrations collected and where I feel that I want update things. Collect memories and thoughts from this moment of life. Also to really force myself to sit down and put pen to paper. Writing is something you have to keep practice to find that nice flow and feeling to catch the reader and make the reader understand you thought, feeling or instruction. This year I am working as a English and Entrepreneur teacher and I am very much inspired as I am giving my students a lot texts and different type of texts to write. At the same time it has been a rather hectic past few months and that's why I havn't got around to write. We have bought a townhouse and moved to Örebro beginning of August. Kids changing kindergarten and me changing job, has gone pretty well although always hard to change routines. Moving the horse and learning the new stable routines and trying to get the stable-life to fit with the new town life. Keeping Lundsätter as a our weekend and country-get-away-house and organizing things there so we just can enjoy when we go there. Big hassle that due to the dry year no water in the well and we have realized what a pain it is to be without water in the tap.

I am back here on the blog and will now hang on and keep updating 

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