Tuesday, May 21, 2019

German progress

I thought I would do an update how my German is coming along. My dream is to read this in a couple of years when I will be pretty fluent in German and smile at this update.
I started my German course week 7 this year and it is organized by Internationella skolorna Düsseldorf which is a language institute and a foundation connected to Folkuniversitet in Sweden. Basically Swedes can move down and learn German language and culture here in Düsseldorf for free and German students can apply and learn Swedish - basically it´s a cooperation between the two countries. The school is located very central in Düsseldorf on Berliner Allee on walking distance from Könings Allee and Altstadt.

I am studying German for beginners, A1+ and A2+. I studied French in school so I have no experience more then that I have been to a lot of horse shows in Germany and can say my names is and I live in.... My German studies are full time which means minimum 4 hours tuition each day and a lot of interesting excursions. I said when I applied that I will not manage to go to school everyday because I am working on other things and also want to make sure I get chance to go to the gym at least a couple of days per week. It was ok to start the course even I could not commit full time every week if i tried to keep up and study at home also.
If I look back I have learned so much in these 14 weeks and I am proud of that, even though I have a lot still to learn of course to be fluent and at times I feel frustrated that I can not say what I want to say... It is funny learning new languages two step forward and then one step back.
We have three great teachers which are native speakers which has a lot of experience and they are good at different things. Nadia has a lot of experience of teaching beginning German and she is using great methods such as listening to songs and read, understand and sing the lyrics of the song. Also she figured out we like art and so she has not only taught German but also a lot about art history and art styles. Nadia is the teacher whom I have learned the most from and I love her pictures she has painted instead of following the book. Haike is younger and she likes a lot of structure and grammar. She speaks Swedish so she can help with the Swedish German connection. Jürgen is an old hippie who has showed us around Düsseldorf and also taught us "real" German as you would hear it on the street and not in the schoolbook.
So What have I learn - well yes I can order in a restaurant. I can communicate with four year old kids in kindergarten ( well I understand most and can pretty bad reply but at least I am trying and testng...) Filip´s teacher gave me an applause one morning for saying what I wanted to say in German and that I keep thinking about when I am having a less good day..
Here some of my work in school:

And these are my great classmates also from Sweden, Sebastian and Rose-Marie

And this is "Kö" Könings Allee - my very nice walk to school from U-bahn 

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