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Moscow adventures & and back in business

It has been so hard to update something on the blog since we moved. Not because I don't have illustrations, thoughts or ideas but because I have too many ideas and not enough energy and time to put pen to paper. But now it is a new year and with that comes new years resolutions and a feeling of a new start. Right?! Happy New Year 2015!

Team Nikolovski is back in Moscow after a long and relaxing winter vacation in Sweden (more about that in another post) Back in Moscow we have pretty wintery weather with snow but very mild so the snow is now as we speak turning into brown slosch very unpleasant for shoes and not so pretty. I never had chance to write about my first experience with Moscow and living here so here is a short summary of my thoughts before I moved connected to this illustration I made ages ago:
  • I was pretty scared of Russia and Moscow before I move here (maybe I still am, who knows!!) coming from Scandinavia where something bad is written in media everyday about Russia no wonder I had a rather negative view. Yes I admit I thought I would be shot on the street for no real reason when I first arrived a feeling that slowly going away.
  • I had a view of angry looking military dressed men walking up and down each street and believe it or not I have not even seen one just a few young men with no sense for fashion wearing military influenced trousers on the street. 
  • I thought that I would see spies standing reading newspapers and looking at me with suspicion in each street corner (like in the movies) I still haven't seen them but maybe because the mask that well.
  • I also thought I would see ladies in big fury coats or hats everywhere and yes this I was actually right on 

Moscow is big but I mean super big with its 12 million + inhabitants and that make it a very logistically hard place to live in. The people we have meet is actually nicer and more helpful then I thought. Parts of the city is communistic and ugly and other parts are fancy and modern. We do have food in the supermarkets despite the fact of the embargo. The food is pretty similar to Scandinavian cuisine so I can't say that I miss anything. Internet is fast and nothing is limited as I thought before I moved.

There you are a short introduction to Team Nikolovski's Moscow adventure and a new start for more frequent updates on the blog ( it would also be nice with a comment from you sometimes!!)


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