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Moscow farmers market - Danislovsky market

Loren who loves nice, fresh and natural groceries has done some great research about Moscow's supermarkets and farmers markets since we moved here. Danislovsky market is one of Moscow's oldest and biggest indoor markets and the best thing is that we only live 15 minutes away. Located on Mytnaya ul 74 with nearest metro station Tulskaya. Last Sunday Team Nikolovski did our premier exploration to this fresh products paradise. An explosion of colors from all the fruits and vegetables met us and the atmosphere was great. For me coming from Sweden this is very exotic as we don't have this kind of markets but also for Loren who has been living away from Macedonia for a long time. You can find more or less everything here not only fruit and veggies but also eggs, meat, fresh cheese and bread. Also babushkas selling homemade marmalade, jam, pickled vegetables and many other for me unknown products.

An Colombian restaurant and a couple of interesting café´s with fresh products and coffee smelling divine was located at the back of the market hall. We bought some nice stuff for dinner and we will for sure be back soon. The market is open every day until 21.00 so we can even come here instead of our normal weekly supermarket shopping. The prices are high as it is Moscow we live in and with the currency crisis food prices has increased a lot in very short time, however the market prices stands up pretty well compared to the supermarkets. Some products are cheaper and some are more expensive.  Loren has asked colleagues about controls of the products and they claim that it is very heavily controlled the origin and hygiene standard etc ( so this is what we want to believe )  A lot of the vegetables & fruits comes from Azerbaijan but also Turkey. 


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