Friday, January 10, 2020

Happy New year 2020

A new year is here. The year 2020 is here. A new exciting year that I am hoping will be filled with fun and happiness. This will be my 10th year I am writing my blog on and off and it is a great place to keep memories, stories and experiences. It is fun now to have 10 years worth of memories in texts, illustrations and photos in one place. This year I have the ambition to write more frequent because my writing process flows better and it is much more fun if I do it more often and also because it is such blessing to experience living in an other country and country and I want to keep my thoughts and experiences and share them. Lets aim to do an update once per week and see how that goes. 

What hopes and expectations I have for 2020 
- That my family and friends are blessed to stay healthy and happy
- To explore more places in the area around Düsseldorf - we have many cool places both in Germany but also in France, Holland and Belgium to check out which is only a few hours away in the car
- To stop thinking so much about things which I can't change, not to think everything is my fault, not to care too much what other people think and to leave things behind and not go over it over and over
- To read all the great books which I have bought in order to be allowed to by more books
- Just do things which I feel like doing instead of think so much why I am doing it or what is the point of doing it (hahhaaa god I am complicated...)
- Enjoy my time and all my experiences and not all the time feel guilty that I should do more and that I need to have a 9-17 job to be a full good person. Even though I have earned more this year on my new hobby of trading stocks then what I would have made if I was working full time as a teacher, I am still picking on myself for not working.. Instead this year I need to fully enjoy that I have the luxury at the moment to learn a new language ( god damn it soon I will be on a semi fluent level!!) live in a new country, have a lot of time with my family without feeling stressed, spend every school-break doing fun things with the kids, collect international experiences through this expat life, keep drawing and writing so that maybe I can hold that book I am dreaming of making in my hand one day, enjoy the city, nature and museum while other people work and I can drink a pilsner or a glas of wine for lunch with a great friend if I want to.
- I am so happy that I have managed to find a horse in a great stable close to where we live to help with and also I am hoping to find a pony that Mila can help with at the same stable as it really gives us a lot of good energy.
- Me and Loren to do something by ourselves more often then once or twice per year. So I guess this means that I need to find a great german speaking young babysitter who also can help Mila with reading German
- To at least take 10 000 steps per day
- To keep up with biking more then I use the car

Well there it is my humble wishes for 2020 

Happy New Year picture from Team Nikolovski! We celebrated at Lundsätter with my dad, Tang, Uncle Christer, my brother Pontus and his sin Charlie. Great mix of food on my dad's side. 

We celebrated the new year with sparkler, Champagne and watching the stars which so strong and clear can be seen out here in the forest a few hours before 12.  We also got Loren to burn his socks in the fire, why because they were broken and also just to do something out of the box
During the last day of the year me and Mila went to the stable and had a nice hack in the sun with friends 

And Filip got to hang out with his cousin Charlie and uncle Pontus

We also made a fire during the afternoon up in the forrest and grilled marshmallows. Uncle Christer drove us in the trailer behind his quadbike and organized the fire 

Being in the nature is the shit ! 

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