Sunday, January 26, 2020

Lundsätter 2020

This is how I left Lundsätter a couple of days after new year when we flew back to Düsseldorf. I like to leave it as tidy as I can and I put the chairs on top of the tables because my dad is very nice and letting his robot vacuum to work in our part a few times before we come back. This time I also removed curtains upstairs because one big project this year is to change our big beautiful windows to other more modern windows which will be easier to open and also energy classed. The one we have now is very old, the frame is falling apart and last summer it is a small crack in the glass. What I realized when removing the curtains is that I the room feels so different naked and gives a great open feeling. With the new windows I can leave it like this because I have ordered built in blinds. Blinds or curtains are necessary because it gets very warm in the summer when the sun is strong but also with Swedish light summer nights it is hard to sleep without.
Hopefully we will have the new windows installed before we come for Easter.
Other than the windows we have just installed a heat pump at my dad's side and no other big plans this year. Although painting the big roof covering one patio needs to be done and will be a pretty hard job. Question is if I should paint it white or same red as the house - that decision I will do this summer. 

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