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Weekly update 15/52 Easter break

Easter break was great. We went home to Sweden and got to see both snow but also nice and sunny spring weather. We haven't been since Autumn-break so it felt good to go home and see family, friends and our house. We managed to do a lot during our two week break. 
Landed in Stockholm and stayed with my mother. Me and Mila went with my sister to her horse in real April weather. After stable we went to see Ronja the Robber's dauther at Theater Intiman in Stockholm. Great show for the whole family. 

After Stockholm up to Tällberg and skiing in Grönklitt Orsa - great weather and kids loved skiing 

Mila's first show jumping competition - Easter maskerade jumping at my old riding school 
She rode her summer camp pony Candy and managed a nice clear round 

Easter egg hunt in the forrest. The Easter bunny had left yellow feathers to follow through the forrest up to the Troll mountain 

Traditional Swedish Easter lunch - with eggs, salmon, omelett, sill, meatballs, sausages, potatoes, caviar etc etc 

Visited friends and had friends over. Filip decided he wanted to catch a fish ( for the pond)  and picked the sunniest day for it. 

Time home at Lundsätter - relaxing but also preparing the garden for summer. Potatoes, onions, garlick, carrot, sugar snaps and persilja planted and huge fence put up to prevent all the deer from eating it. 

Our dog Bozze was happy to have us home for a few days 

Happy Easter! 


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