Sunday, January 27, 2019

Birthday girl

This is Mila 6 year old illustration I made for her birthday invitations this year or actually last year as she is born in December. We left for Christmas break in Sweden early December and mid November I realized that we should organize a birthday party here with her new friends in Germany. She has managed well in only four month that we have been living in Düsseldorf to find good friends to play with and feel more and more comfortable with. Other half Swedish kids living here that I have found from a Swedes in Düsseldorf page on Facebook and also a friends from Kita. 

Also I have realized with all my movings that pretty soon you belong in the new environment more in away then the place and the environment you just left. Close friends will always or hopefully be there but the everyday social circle is in the new place and no longer in the old place. 

She really wanted her party in one of those big indoor playgrounds. I know they are a lot of fun but no not this time. So I came up or actually no Loren came up with why they don't ride ponies instead as an activity. Great idea and I managed to rent three ponies from down the road and so after waffles, cake and play I loaded kids in the box bike and biked to the stable. It was rainy and muddy and pretty cold. We had Amy, Tessan and Arthur ( which they pronounce very weird here in Germany btw) and we had a great plan to let the kids take turn and ride the ponies home to our house. How cool. Great day and she was very happy and after that day our marathon of cold and flu started. Which made her miss her actual birthday with great plan of seeing Nutcracker in Stockholm as she had very high fever and nasty infection. This is the second birthday she is sick - the down-side of being born in the middle of the winter I guess.

I thought I had more of her earlier birthday invitations but no can't find them in digital form but here is a couple of Happy birthday cards I started years back.

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