Sunday, January 27, 2019

Where we live

I thought I try explain where in Düsseldorf we live. Düsseldorf is the second largest city in the  federal state North Rhein-Westphalia after Cologne ( Köln) And Sevenths largest city in Germany.  With around 600 000 inhabitants. The city lies mainly on the east side of river Rhine. (Rhine begins in the southeast Swiss Alps and flows through the German Rhineland and ends out in the North sea from Nederlands.) Düsseldorf is close to Duisburg, Dortmund, Essen, Wuppertal, Cologne and also Venlo in Nederlands. 
The city is divided in to 10 districts and we live in district 5 which is up north close to the 8 on the map below. 

We live in Wittlaer a very cute and pretty fancy suburban area which is more like a village that have most things. It has shops, banks, pharmacy, a few restaurants, school, kinder-garten etc but also very much a feeling of that you are in the country-side. I often walk down to the river bank of Rhine and a lot of beautiful walking and biking paths in our area. I use my bike most of the time here, since we moved in August 2018 I have only filled fuel in my car two times.
Wittlaer kind of belongs to Kaiserswerth which is only 10-15 minutes with bike from us ( on the map below = where number 15 is) In Kaiserwerth you found more of a centre with shops and wider selection of wining and dining. It is very pretty with cobblestone streets and baroque houses from 17th and 18th . I will write more about Kaiserswerth another time. 

To go to city center of Düsseldorf from us is easy and only takes 20 min with U-bahn U79 to centre center and the station is only five minute walk from our house. To go with the car depends on the time of the day but in general it is a city which is not hard to drive in I think. Not billion lanes like in Moscow... 

Beautiful bike path along Rhine which goes all the way from Duisburg to Düsseldorf 

Another bike path from our house cutting through the fields to Kaiserswerth 

Rhine walk in Kaiserswerth 

Down by Rhine in Wittlaer a great place to sit and think and hear the water and to see big boats 

Down-town Düsseldorf 

Köningsallee Düsseldorf 

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